Friday, August 13, 2004

First serious karaoke post

Gentle reader(s),

So, I think we need to figure out some way to get our hands on the song list books from the Kid. These books are filled with countless gems of songs that I am sure we are always forgetting at our monthly karaoke outings. I feel like I have some sort of strange singer's block when I get there and am faced with these books for the few moments before someone else wants them or the guy takes them away (b/c we've invariably put in too many songs too fast). (Grrr, I have a habit of pushing control-s every 5 seconds - I am a compulsive saver whenever using MS Word. That means that I keep publishing my post before I mean to. Whoops.) Anyway, the other thing about the books is that they are missing some fan-friggin-tastic songs as well. For example, "Mama Said Knock You Out," which was to be careyoke's rap debut, was sadly missing from the song list. (For those of you wondering, I am thinking of "Informer" by Snow instead, but that will require some more work.) As was "Mr. Roboto." That was a dark moment for Jessie J (I did it again with the control-s!) and me. We had big plans for doing some serious roboting with that one. I even downloaded the lyrics so we could get the Japanese right. I think that was Japanese...Eww, I sound so ignorant.

Anyway, my suggestion: put copies of the Karaoke Kid song list books in Memorial Library! Or perhaps Madison public libraries to be more fair to non-students. But any library. Or, no, even better: on the web! From my quick search, they don't appear to have a website. They seem so technologically advanced otherwise. So that's a surprise. But, anyway, wouldn't it be nice to know what songs are available at all times...just in case you feel the need to practice your harmonies, or dramatic interpretations (a la Dorotha), or something?

Bridal blog: Today Dorotha told me that if Joshie and I don't have karaoke at our wedding she's not coming. Horrors! I am sure Joshie's parents would be all about karaoke. It'll make the wedding more of an "affair." And then we'll have something worthwhile for the videographer to film (if Joshie's mom gets her way) and for us to watch later - although I'm sure repeated viewing of us breaking the glass will be a hoot! Actually, if there's karaoke at the wedding, then I am all for a videographer! I should start practicing now!


Blogger dorotha said...

why don't we get some kind of spy equipment? i think they make hand held scanners that we can use on the pages of the karaoke kid books. hmmmm... or we could sneak a book into the bathroom and steal some of the pages - different pages every week - until we had the whole book!

4:22 PM  
Blogger careyoke said...

Ooh, Dorotha! So clever! I wonder where we can score some spy stuff... Or maybe the Kid can have its own pre-karaoke time "library reserve hour," during which we can borrow the books. I'll suggest that next time we're there.

4:34 PM  
Blogger A+ said...

There is a hand-held gun-type scanner on the 4th floor of social sci building. i was gonna use it for my master's. let's check out the scanner and work the magic!

12:31 AM  

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