Saturday, March 05, 2005

Recap: Part Two

Getting right back into it...

Next Hannah and Dan, I believe, perform a # from Phantom of the Opera, “All I ask of you.” For a moment, we are all Sara Brightman and Michael Crawford.

Apparently, Jude has had a few more drinks by this point in the evening.

Next is JJ with “Never say never.” She dedicated it to Dorotha who “sits by the state because she needs attention and songs dedicated to her,” informs Tara.

Next were Pedro and Sean-cito with “And the thunder rolls.” Someone says: “It’s sad cuz it’s true.”

Then Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “Wicked game.” I thought, for a second, it was “Foolish games.” Thank God it wasn’t!

While blogging, I am watching Heathers. And I was paid in puke. So lick it up, baby. Lick it up.

Next were Sarah, Amy, and Kat with “She thinks my tractor’s sexy.” I was so frickin’ excited! Kenny Chesney! Others, Tara and Evan, for example, are not so convinced that it is awesome. However, records Tara: “Sarah and Amy both have tractors and [Dorotha] thinks they’re sexy.]

Then was a really, really intense guy who sang “So cold” and apparently was not a fan of college or people who attend/have attended it…making those of us with advanced degrees a little nervous…

Next Ang and I sang the first Careyoke Air Supply ever! “The one that you love.” Jeff gets all sorts of props for actually knowing how it goes. Thanks, Jeff!

Next, a Dorotha classic, requested by JJ: YODA! The notes say it best: “Awesomely awesome.”

Then was a nuclear engineer, Brad, who sang “Operator.”
T explains: “Video colors are extremely offensive for such a gentle song.” Indeed.

Next was this amazingly awesomely awesome older gentleman named John who sang “Folsom Prison Blues.”
T: “He looks like a math professor.”
Evan?: “Or a guy who actually spent some real time in Folsom Prison in the 1940s.”
Tara wants him to robot but Dorotha “insists we leave him alone.”
He was so daggone amazing, like he was channeling Johnny Cash or something. Seriously. You wish you were there. You know you do.

Next were Alan and Sarah M with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This song makes Dorotha sad, if I recall correctly…
Tara: “This song would be better sung in an Irish accent say by U2 or something.” Jeesh, give Deep Blue Something a break!

Next is Jeff with “Come on Eileen.” It was dedicated to Dorotha. I love that song! And the video because everyone is wearing overalls with no shirts on under them. Even the women! It was so strangely disturbing to me as a youngster watching MTV.

Apparently: “Evan and [Dorotha] confess their love for each other,” at least according to Evan they do. There are lots of hearts following this statement and the words, “Love you evan,” written below them. I believe that was Dorotha herself.

Next were Mary and Jeanette with “Hold on.” Oooh! Wilson Phillips! Love them! Evan, I think, records: “With the audience harmonizing, it was blissful.”

Next: JJ and Ang with “Love lift us up.” OMG! It was awesome! And they didn’t even practice. They don’t need practice. They are just that good.

Classic alert: Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s “Dark Lady.” We clap. It was awesomely awesome.

Después, Jeff y yo cantamos “Estoy Aquí.” Apparently, the notetakers were not impressed, but Jeff and I enjoyed ourselves. Shaki does that to people.

Tara: “Sorry I got all involved in a conversation and could do little more than record artist and song title.” Sure. That’s fine.

Next Angela and I with “Say, Say, Say.” She is Paul. I am Michael. I borrow Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s awesomely awesome red leather jacket. It really adds some pizzazz to an already pizzazz-y performance. Next time, “The doggone girl is mine.” Maybe.

Then Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “Do you sleep.” I am one of the few people who knows this Lisa Loeb song. Come on, people, there’s more to Lisa Loeb than the Reality Bites soundtrack! Though that rocks.

Things start getting pretty scribbledy in the notes here…

I end the Careyoke event with a little Babs, “The way we were.” It was crazily high. I sounded like a spazzball, but luckily most people were gone/too drunk to notice.

And that is it!

In case you were wondering…Joshie is going to be in town soon so we’ve been talking about arranging another night at the Kid…keep your eyes and ears open!

That is all.


Blogger dorotha said...

i may have been more than a little tipsy that night, but i am pretty effing sure that i did not confess my love for evan. i don't even recall looking at evan. was evan even at karaoke?

3:51 PM  
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