Saturday, August 21, 2004

Karaoke/careyoke. Wednesday. August 25. 8:15pm. The Karaoke Kid.

So, it's official. The next karaoke/careyoke event has been decided. And everyone is getting excited. Or at least I am. So far, I have planned "Maniac" like I told you before, but now I need to work on a duet for Ang and me. It'll be the fake birthday/almost birthday celebration. We are thinking of doing "The boy is mine" - the Brandy and Monica duet. That'll be one to download for me, just so I can be refreshed as to how it goes. But the cattiness of the whole thing should make for good drama "on stage." But, who should we fight over? Jerry?

And speaking of birthdays, shhh! I don't think Tara knows my blog address yet - not that I imagine it'd be hard to find - but I am thinking we should do "Sara" by (Jefferson?) Starship, but sing "Tara" instead. So clever, I know. Or, clever, but I just gave it away. Eh, it'll work anyway whether it's a surprise or not.

And speaking of (Jefferson) Starship (Airplane), I heard another song of theirs the other day and wondered how I could have been so stupid as to not have an entire night devoted to them. Well, maybe that'd be a little much, but considering that "We built this city" was such a hit, I think "Nothing's gonna stop us now" would be just about as cheesily awesome, or as awesomely awesome.

Also, I must admit that one of my goals is to inspire another download (or to be part of a group that inspires a download) of the performed song. Jeremy downloaded "Survivor" after a group performance. When I heard about that I just about peed my pants. That's about as much as a karaoke performer could ever hope to get from a performance. It's like Olympic gold. And, yes, I have been watching the Olympics just about as obsessively as I've been thinking about karaoke songs. Last night Joshie (who was still around on his surprise visit until this afternoon) and I watched 2 nights worth of Olympics coverage in one night. You see, we'd taped the night before - I had to see the women's gymnastics all around finals - but we didn't want to miss last night's stuff either. So, we watched Thursday night's coverage during the commercials. It was like extreme Olympics watching, the laziest way to get the most out of your Olympics. But, I digress...So now "Survivor" has become something of a regular song. It's maybe starting to get a little old. But it's still so magical. And I want to capture the magic again and inspire another download. But it's tough. It has to be a song that isn't too obscure or nobody'll care about it to begin with but it can't be so popular that someone would have already downloaded. Or I have to be so jazzy with the song to inspire an entire rethinking of previous hearings of it. So, with all of that in mind, I am thinking some "old school" Pink - before she got all "in charge" of her own career. In particular, I am thinking of "Most Girls." Not her biggest hit, but there are some great lyrics, my fave being: "Cuz shorty's got a job, shorty's got a car, shorty can pay her own rent." Not that any of that is true about me, but it sure sounds good! And I do like any and all references to shorties. Including shorty wardrobe boxes. If you have a shorty, but you don't have a shorty wardrobe box...Oh yes, son, I'm talking to you.


Blogger jeremy said...

I am sufficiently disconnected from current culture that the vast majority of songs released in the past five years, regardless of their popularity, are likely undownloaded. I did, however, just download "Most Girls" (nobody is quicker to spend 99 cents than me). It didn't move me, but the problem was probably that--unlike "Survivor"--I listened to the official version before listening to the carey-oke version.

10:41 PM  
Blogger careyoke said...

Yes, it's true that it's no "Survivor." I was just thinking myself that I should maybe keep looking for something a little better. However, I am very excited about the prospects of singing, "Most girls want a man with the bling bling. Got my own thing, got the ching ching." Almost as good as all that talk about shorty.

7:55 AM  

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