Saturday, September 11, 2004

For Christmas tree!

Dear Lord. What's to become of me now? I have a careyoke machine in my very own house. I was so excited that I immediately called Dorotha and sang "Crazy for you" to her. And now I am sitting here listening while it's playing - just the music and backup vocals. It's currently Cyndi Lauper: "True Colors." Strange. The words appear to be lighting up a little late for the music. Whatevs. I never need to leave my house again. I'll just order in all my food, toiletries, etc. It'll be great. I'll definitely have to order more karaoke cds though. The song selection is sort of weird. It seems a little country heavy. Keep that in mind for Kerry-oke. If I actually ever leave my house again. Like I said.

Now it's "Save the best for last" (Vanessa Williams). The delayed word thing seems not to be happening for this one. Phew!

BTW, thank you, Alan Parsons Project!

(As an aside: have you ever attempted to spell check your blog? What words does that stupid spell checker know about? It's vocabulary is more limited than a 2 year old monkey.)

Oooh! Now it's Whitney Houston: "I wanna dance with somebody"! Gotta go!


Blogger dorotha said...

careyoke had gone mad! do we need to have an intervention? are you singing right now? do you even sleep anymore?

7:37 AM  

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