Thursday, September 09, 2004

The word on the streets

There's talk of another careyoke night. The question is...will Dorotha's mom be in attendance? If we can get her to go, it sounds like Monday will be the night. But she sounded a little shy about it, so perhaps we can encourage her. I have no idea her taste in music - although Liza Minelli was mentioned. I only know about her hot rollers and penchant for keeping dead things in the freezer. At the very least, I am sure a reprise of LL's "Cabaret" (with Dorotha as her backup "dancer") would entice her. What else can we offer Mama Harried? How about all mom-related songs? Like Boyz || Men's "A song for Mama" (Mama...Your love is like tears from the stars [I swear that's an actual line!]) Or the Spice Girls' classic "Mama" song. Or LL Cool J's "Mama said knock you out." (Actually, I know the Kid doesn't have that b/c I was going to do it at some point. Sad.) Or instead we could go with songs like "Wind beneath my wings." I'm sure she wouldn't want to miss that.


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