Thursday, August 26, 2004

My first ever recap

Here it goes...I hope that my recap does not stop others (i.e., Jeremy) from continuing their own official or otherwise recaps. We all have our differing viewpoints/stylistic interpretations - though I suppose we're all using Dorotha's notes (just wanna give Dorotha a shout out for her mad note-taking skills - though occasionally I cannot read them, which is probably more often when Jeremy took over) which may make for more consistency across recaps.

To begin, I am actually feeling a little bit lazy so maybe this won't be the most complete or exciting recap ever. But it is, in fact, my birthday today and I feel I deserve to do whatever in the world I want to do. I am, after all, feeling a little bit pitiful about the fact that I am sitting in my office on my birthday with the only goal of doing this recap. (I am re-reading this and laughing at myself for having just spent at least 1.5 hours on this. If only I were able to be so dedicated to my diss. But whatever! It's my birthday and I do have a strange karaoke/careyoke obsession!)

So, with no further ado:

These were some of the highlights of the August 25th sociology careyoke night.

1) Things got started off with a little "Summer lovin'," courtesy of Jerry and Ang - a nice start to Jerry's last Sconnie hurrah of the summer.

2) No surprises here: I followed up with a little "Sister Christian."

3) Next, Ang sang "Family." Where was I? Why do I have no idea what this means? That definitely was not the name of the song but none of us can seem to remember it. Is there anyone out there who knows? Oh, wait! Duh! I figured it out. Ang sang the theme to Fame, which was so frickin' awesome! Another fantastic choice by a star singer!

4) In non-singing news, I was given the best and weirdest birthday gift ever: a plastic cake (which rather looked like a Devo hat) with a (thankfully clothed) Barbie popping out of it. It is actually a piece of department sociologica (work with me here) that has been handed down from generation to generation. Sort of. So now I am the keeper until I find a new, deserving owner of the Barbie cake. The best thing about this gift was it's many karaoke uses.

5) Speaking of the Barbie cake, it was invaluable for Jeremy and Dorotha's "Wild, Wild Life," another strong showing of Dorotha's incredible depth of Talking Heads knowledge and singing stylings. Oh, and Jeremy wore the cake on his head like a pink Devo hat. Plus Barbie.

6) Another # by Jerry. A classic: "Georgia on My Mind." Beautiful.

7) A birthday treat for me: "Sweet Caroline," which normally I think is a little overdone karaoke-wise, except when sung directly to me! Thanks, Jessie J, Dorotha, and Lisa! Hugs all around!

8) Teddy followed up with one of her classics: Faith. What would karaoke be without George (and Teddy)?

9) I then did "Maniac" as promised. And, yes, there were dancers. Ang and Jessica B put Jennifer Beals (or rather, her body double) and J Lo to shame! They need some schooling from my ladies!

10) In the most touching moment of the night, Loopy sang a love song to Sir Edwin Pegasus in celebration of their 11th (I believe) anniversary. It was "When I'm 64." Super sweet!

11) In the skankiest performance of the night, Shamus and I sang (sort of) "Love hangover." Said performance was rather problematic as neither we nor the audience remebered the song well. But dance did we ever! And, yes, I did that in front of my advisor and his wife. And some strangers too. Not that that's really so unusual for me...

12) A non-sociology performer sang, "Hurts so good," by John (Cougar) Mellencamp. Not sure if he was "Cougar" then or not. Anyway, the best thing about her performance, I believe was her switching the gender of the lyrics so that she could maintain her gender status of a woman and, I assume, her sexual orientation by referring to her boy/guy. Very quick on her feet is that one! Oh, and she did, in fact, have a very good voice. I believe Dorotha's fave thing about her is that she told us, with all our raucous clapping and screaming, "You guys are too nice." Where does that fit in the Harried-Freese (or is it Freese-Harried?) theory of audience participation?

13) In a rare solo performance, Dorotha shined, singing "Tainted Love." Fan-friggin'-tastic!

14) Another classic: Jerry's Ike and Tina Turner #, "Proud Mary." Jessie J and I got up for a little of the requisite dancing. However, I think we need to learn a couple more of the moves for next time...but when will that be? Maybe Jessie J will take over that song for a while??? I don't know. I'm just saying I heard rumors, that's all.

15) In Lisa's first sparkling # of the night, she did a reprise of what was earlier a duet of the Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl." Word on the streets is that one of the boy band members (to be discussed below, or as seen on Jeremy's blog) was going to do that until he heard her. Of course, Lisa's abilities would intimidate most, but thank God we were able to have the N'Sync moment instead.

16) Jessie J followed up with a jazzy rendition of Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September," which I was very excited to learn actually is mostly nonsensical lyrics since I've never been able to figure them out.

17) During one of the most standout moments of the night, and the only full audience standing ovation, Jessica B got the house on their feet with her classic, "I've never been to me." It was truly a piece of performance art with the creepy dolls in the video doing dirty deeds and a reappearance of the Barbie cake - this time on the stool onstage. Truly a masterful karaoke-ist.

18) Following up the last song was a difficult task, but Ang and I took it on with a little duet I mentioned previously. She was the American diva, Aretha. I, the British diva, George Michael. I hear there were rumblings in the crowd that we had practiced. And I just want to dispel all rumors right away. I, of course, practiced in the privacy of my own home, all alone, but there was never a joint practice. We're just that good.

19) Some more non-sociologists with "Love Shack." Nice but sociologists have done it better.

20) Teddy's classic: "I will survive." Yes, she will!

21) A non-sociologist performs a sociologist's song. B-Rad sang "Yoda." Dorotha was horrified. It was okay and all, but no Dorotha. Why should I have to listen to that when I can hear the master?

22) One of our non-sociologists faves performs "You've lost the loving feeling" really really badly. I am sorry. But it's true. Dorotha runs out of the Kid for hatred of the song.

23) Another non-sociologist, who cares?

24) Ang with a powerful Pat Benetar: "Hit me with your best shot." Really great for accompanying hand motions.

25) Group sing for Tara's birthday: the Tara/Sara thing worked! Though I know I said "Sara" at least once. Whoops! Then we got hugs.

26) Ronke, a sociology pal, sang "Last Dance," and dance we did!

27) Non-sociologist sings "She's a lady." I enjoyed. Others found it creepy.

28) Nina and Jerry rock out on "If I had a hammer" - a classic in the making.

29) "Total eclipse of the heart." Normally I wouldn't think more would need to be said, but Jessie J told me that she yelled at Jeremy to stop singing the "Turn around" parts that he and I were doing. I, however, kept yelling at him to sing more and directly into the microphone. I can't even begin to imagine the emotional turmoil of that moment for him.

30) Non-sociologists doing Roxette's "The Look." I am jealous that they thought of that before we did.

31) Non-sociologist's "Summer of '69." Yawn.

32) Teddy + co (including my neighbor friend who swore he wouldn't get onstage! Yes! Peer pressure still works!) doing "Natural woman." Loved the "a-whoo"s! And singing harmony from the audience as Jessie J and I are wont to do.

33) Non-sociologist: "Walking in Memphis." Good singer. Bad song.

34) Dorotha + co: "It's raining men." People seemed to have some difficulties remembering the verses, but it happens. A fantastic choice!

35) Susanah (spelling?), Jeremy, and Dorotha: "Living on a prayer," which produced that classic photo from the last JFW official recap. Another shining moment - though Dorotha may disagree. Her notes include something about someone making "an a$$" of him/herself and there is a response about Dorotha continuing "to [squiggledy - is that 'record'?] all of [his/her] karaoke triumphs."

36) Jessie J and careyoke duet: "I've had the time of my life." Turns out I can't sing as low as Bill Medley, but nobody puts baby in a corner!

37) In the second most touching moment of the night, Jerry sang "You are so beautiful" to the birthday girls. Post-performance he got hugs from said birthday celebrators.

38) I think this is Loopy + co doing "Brick House." This got people on the dance floor - if that's what we can call the little aisle of room between the tables and bar. People were shakin' it!

39) Another Ronke song: "If you wanna be happy." Dorotha is not a fan of this song. She can express more if she wishes in comments.

40) Boy Band, composed of 2 sociologists, a med student, and a couple of ultimate frisbie players. They performed "It's gonna be me," with full on dance moves and everything. I think that Justin Timberlake (a sociologist) and J.C. Chasez (the med student) were busy all evening preparing for their performances which really highlighted moves from the "Bye, bye, bye" video, choreographed by Darrin Henson (who later released the famed "Darrin's Dance Groves" tape/dvd including a special pop and lock routine! We need this!) - in particular, the jump, jump, jump, one fist thrust into the air, pump, pump, pump. Get it? The backup "singers" were really more dancers, but they added another layer to the performance with their lost expressions and skillful (though non-choreographed) dancing. One of the best moments of the night.

41) Things start to get a little scribbledy here in Dorotha's notes so if I miss something, blame her. I'll just stick to the sociology crew+ guests from here on out.

42) Actually, scratch that. Someone (non-sociology) sang a song that I assume is called "Big balls." What? The best thing about it (for me at least) though is I am now inspired to do "Fat bottomed girls" at the next event.

43) Group performance of "Hey Ya." Great idea whoever signed up for that. I especially enjoyed attempting to do the keyboard noises myself - though I wasn't particularly successfull in mimicking them. Dancing ensued. Especially during the "shake it like a Polaroid picture" part.

44) Dorotha and careyoke: "Africa." A little low for me, but when else will one get a chance to sing "Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti" - which Toto actually attempts to sort of rhyme with "As they grow restless longing for some solitary company." Close. At least it works.

45) Jessie J and careyoke: "Jump" by Kriss Kross. My first ever rap karaoke performance! That was rough for me. All that jumping really did me in, but it was such an integral part of the performance that it was worth it. I need to work on my rapping - though Ronke described it as "So so def."

46) Weird song by the bouncer, or was that the dj? I think the dj, who was hating on me all night and refusing to take songs from me. What's a birthday girl to do? Ok, so I have been corrected. It was definitely the bouncer. See Dorotha's comments for more. But I stand by my complaining about the dj.

47) So now that I complained about the dj, I am skipping the non-sociology people and just talking about the last 2 sociologist songs. Which were both mine. But, jeesh! It took forever! I actually had written them out the second I got there, but wasn't able to hand them in until later...and then it took forever to get them played...whatever! But I sang "9 to 5" as promised and "Love is a battlefield." But the crowd had thinned greatly by that time, so I think I have to do them again next time.

48) Also, as Dorotha pointed out in her notes, by the time I got to "9 to 5" the bouncer was now wearing one of the birthday crowns that Tara and I had been given as he walked around clearing up glasses and bottles. I just want to point out, it wasn't my crown. I have it at home.

49) Oh, whoops, I forgot - even with the notes staring me in the face - that in between "9" and "Love," Ronke and I performed Meatloaf's epic "Paradise by the dashboard light." I actually got to be the girl! But how come nobody seemed to know this song in the audience? Where have all the Meatloaf fans gone?

50) Dear Lord, that's it for the highlights! The fingers are exhausted!

Some of the lowlights:

1) One of my fave performers, whose greatest hits include Sting's "Desert Rose," Cher's classic "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" (my absolute fave!), and Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe, was not able to attend last night due to cat illness. She sent her regrets but was still sorely missed.

2) While one of my faves was in attendance, and gave me the weird Barbie cake, he did not perform. Maybe next time. But glad he could make it at all - and that he and his wife brought the Barbie cake!

3) (I can't believe I forgot this initially!) While the voting on Dorotha's Disney Ditties was really heated - with "Under the Sea" edging out "Supercal" in the last few minutes of voting (sort of), the Kid had a severe lack of all things Disney. No "Under." No "Supercal." No "Hakunua." No "A Whole." No "Gaston." No nothing! So, Dorotha made an effort to do a little Disney medley a capella. It was nice - and a non-sociologist got so into "Supercal" that we ended up having to repeat the verse about "my father gave me nose a tweak and told me I was bad" twice - but it just didn't do justice to all the hype - and all the voting from my dedicated reader(s). You know who the two (three, maybe even four?) of you are.

Disclaimer: There is no way in the future that I can spend this long on one of these. So we'll see what happens next time. If there is a next time...


Blogger jeremy said...

Do we have the title of Angela's first solo (#3) on your list right? I know Emily wrote it down that way, but was that actually the song?

8:31 PM  
Blogger careyoke said...

I'm quite sure that's not it, but I can't remember what it was. Are you out there, Ang? Or anyone who remembers?

And is that really all you have to say about all of that?!

9:00 PM  
Blogger dorotha said...

what was ang's first solo? why did i write family? is my handwriting really bad?

anyway, i love the recap. i think maybe next time i should record notes on the crowd, too. i mean, there really is a lot going on in the kid. also, i'm sure that it was the bouncer who sang the creepy metal song. i know because i was there earlier when jeremy gave him a two dollar tip for being the bouncer.

9:20 PM  
Blogger dorotha said...

oh! you forgot to mention the results of the poll and the disappointing fact that the kid doesn't have any disney songs.

9:34 PM  
Blogger careyoke said...

Your handwriting is mostly fine. There are a few places where I couldn't read stuff. But, yes, it did just say "Family" for Ang's first song. Don't know why.

Ok about the bouncer. My B. I know you love that, Dorotha!

And you can take all the notes you want. I just need to learn how to be more selective in my recapping. That was ridiculous.

9:37 PM  
Blogger careyoke said...

Ooh, yeah! Adding that to the lowlights right now!

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely think there should have been an effort to describe what that crazy guy Doug's voice does (I know you love him, too, Jeremy). While he's distracting us with his wild dancing and gesturing, his voice is completely crazy and unpredictable. I can't for the life of me figure out whether he's doing it on purpose. If his voice was an animal/object it would be a...

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and there should definitely be more distress over the icky songs. Big Balls notwithstanding, we had to listen to She's a Lady (because she's appropriately passive and malleable) and Never Make a Pretty Woman Your Wife (because ugly women will be so grateful they'll never stop doing your laundry and cooking).

Like people, songs are often better if you don't get to know them very well.

Though I do feel the need to try to distract your attention from the fact that I sang Earl by the Dixie Chicks... it was not me that was cheering hysterically at the line where it is proclaimed that he must die... that was Dr. Freese.

12:55 PM  
Blogger careyoke said...

Dear anonymouses,

I have to tell you that I have a fragile ego. So if you think there is something missing from my blog, by all means add it, but please do not say my recap is deficient for lack of something that you found interesting (how much longer could I have gone anyway?). This is a team effort! Add away with your own thoughts/ideas!

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. The weird guy's (Doug?) voice was totally crazy. I couldn't tell if he was purposely trying to be that creepy or not.

All i know is that Freddy Mercury shall not, WILL NOT be butchered like that again in my presence. grrrrrrrr.

11:33 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

Doug is an enigma. I don't get the thing with his voice either. He's an affable enigma, though. And, what's more, a regular enigma. He hasn't been there every time sociology has visited the Karaoke Kid on a Wednesday, but I think that's his regular night there.

10:08 PM  
Blogger A+ said...

Carey's right, the first song I did was the theme from "Fame," the winner of my poll. Gee, that must've gone over like a ton of bricks.

10:29 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

Ang's performance inspired me to try to buy "Fame" off iTunes, but the Irene Cara catalog is apparently not yet available for online distribution. I did, however, buy "Sister Christian."

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Fame," Careyoke and I were discussing the soundtrack and trying to remember if there was another Irene Cara solo song on the soundtrack (besides "I Sing the Body Electric" of course). I finally remembered what it is: "Out Here On My Own." I wouldn't call it a good karaoke song, but it's still an excellent song. I can't remember what part of the movie it's from exactly, but I think it has to do with Irene's character lamenting her nude photo shoot.

BTW, Jeremy, you should really download your tunes from Realplayer. $.49 per song.
-Jessie J.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the "if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife" song. It cheered up a friend one sad night who was dumped because her ex thought he "could find someone more attractive," and has been a fave ever since for nostalgic-campy-ironic reasons... -ronke

12:08 PM  
Blogger dorotha said...

ronke, i could never hold it against you for singing that. i just find myself recoiling in disgust when i hear it. if it made your friend happy, there must be some good in it.

BTW, irene cara fans out there should really check out d.c. cab. friggin' hilariously bad!

2:05 PM  

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