Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A few important announcements

It's careyoke eve and so I thought I'd tell you/me some important information:

1) Supercal... is kicking some butt in the Dorotha's Disney Ditties poll (at the time of this post). I wonder what the exciting conclusion will bring. Will Hakuna Matata will come from behind to win? Will the Kid even have the winning song? How many drinks will it take to get Dorotha to sing it? If the winning song is a duet, will Dorotha sing both parts? Have Dorotha and I been the only people voting?

2) My song list so far: (solos) Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, Night Ranger's Sister Christian, Michael Sembello's Maniac, Diana Ross's Touch me in the morning, Rod Stewart's If you want my body, something by Duran Duran (The reflex? Hungry like the wolf? Rio?), Pat Benetar's Love is a battlefield. The first 3 are almost definite (as long as the Kid has them). The rest I'll have to see how the night goes.

3) My duets: so far, I only have definite plans with Angela, and I'm gonna let that be a surprise. Here's a hint: American diva + British diva = awesomely awesome cheese.

4) One of my fave karaoke stars will be performing tomorrow. I don't believe we'll be hearing any Nelly this time, (in particular, the Nelly-Kelly duet will be put back on the shelf for some time, I am sure), but he'll bring lots of pizazz with his country hits.

5) In case this wasn't clear, it's my birthday karaoke tomorrow - oh, yeah, and it's Tara's birthday karaoke too and Jerry's last karaoke hurrah of the summer. So I will expect some songs to be purchased for me! In fact, sign me up for whatever you want. I'll do it! Perhaps we should use code names for me though as I believe the Kid employees tire of me quickly.

6) And, finally, crappers, I am very annoyed with myself. Lisa said something on our morning walk that I wanted to share here. No, it wasn't her idea for a Weird Al parody of "Survivor" called "Provider" - a feminist take on breadwinners. It was something else. Ergh. Well, perhaps she'll refresh my memory tomorrow,....Oh wait! I remembered! Lisa suggested I take notes at the Kid tomorrow night to report back my very first karaoke recap. While Jeremy's is the official recap, at least the official JFW recap, I am feeling a lot of pressure for my first-time recap. Plus, I may (just maybe) have a couple of drinks, making the next day's recapping perhaps more difficult. However, the prospect of taking notes at the Kid makes the experience much more work than I would ever want it to be. So cross your fingers and keep your expectations low, and I'll see what I can do. Perhaps Dorotha, Lisa, Jessie J, Tara, and others will help me fill in any holes. But no pictures. I have no idea how to do that. And I don't have a camera. I'll point you to Jeremy for such fanciness.

7) BTW: Happy 28th Birthday, Tara! I just wanted you to know, if/when you eventually read this, that I was thinking of you on your day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be taking mental notes of the evening's highlights. Don't worry, Boo, I got your back. Oh, and you BETTER get drunk tonight, birthday girl.

As for our song, what about Shiny Happy People? B52s and REM...what could be better? I'll also be thinking of a soulful duet for us. Ain't no mountain high enough sounds good, but if i can think of something with a higher cheese factor, we'll do that too.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops, the above comment was me, Jessie J.

12:00 PM  
Blogger careyoke said...

I heart Shiny happy people! Another duet thought: Secret lovers. How about that one?

3:03 PM  

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