Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started: Thursday, August 4th!

It's Abigail Van Buren's wedding on Saturday, August 6th, so I'm taking a trip to Maddie-town (with Joshie!). There have been discussions about karaoke and a decision has been made:

For one night only! Sociologists and Friends at the Kid, Thursday (yes, we're braving a Thursday night even after the butt-grabbing/harassment issues of the last time we were at the Kid on a Thursday night...and interestingly, Joshie was there for that...), anyway, Thursday, August 4th at 8:15pm!

This is a Very Special Karaoke Night. It's a we've-been-away-from-the-Kid-and-the-Matts-and-Shelley-and-Erica-and-whoever-I've-forgotten-to-name-for-far-too-long night. It's a celebration for the prelimmers for having lived through all of that crap. It's a see-you-next-summer to Jerry Marwell. It's a oh-you're-in-town-again-I-thought-you-moved moment for me. And...ready that hanky to wipe those tears from your's a Final Performance for Jeremy - at least for a while - who is heading off to Boston to get all Harvardy and East Coast snobby. So be there!

And, Matt the Bartender, are you out there? Are you paying attention to us? Do you still love us? We hope you and the rest of the Kid Krew can be there!

And, oooh! I almost forgot, Angela, JJ, Lisa, and I have a Very Special Number planned...Do you want a hint?