Thursday, March 24, 2005

Recappin' #1

Ok, because I waited so long, I am not sure who wrote what. Each new person (as far as I can tell) will start with a dash. I will identify people where I can. Otherwise, enjoy your (almost) anonymity. Except for you, Jude. I can always tell when it’s you.

I started off, apparently, with “Jeremy” for Jeremy. It was his birthday the day before.
-“It seems that Jeremy is a very bad boy.” Because of the lyrics of the song, see.
-“Nice falsetto!” says Ang.
-“Every last ‘Woo!’ on point!” (That should be a double underline, but I don’t know if blogger can handle that. But that’s how impressive I was.)

Jeff and Ang were next with “Don’t go breakin’ my heart.” Finally Jeff is there for a full night of careyoke! Finally I gave him enough warning about it for him to adjust his work schedule accordingly. The notes give me props for my audience participation. Of course! Rule 2! – though they don’t really need it.

Next is JJ with “Papa don’t preach.”
-“She’s made up her mind, apparently, no matter what Danny Aiello says.”
Do you remember how the Catholic Church (I believe) was peeved at this song and made up a “parody” video in retaliation with nuns and priests singing “Madonna don’t preach”? Or was that just because I went to Catholic school? It doesn’t make any sense though. She’s *keeping* her baby. That’s what they want, right?

Next, a “Josh and Carey cheese [yum!] fest.” The song title is not noted, but I believe it is Atlantic Starr’s “Always.”
-“I want to marry them both. Any chance I could get added on to that ticket?” (Looks like Ang, from my comparing handwriting, though I do not profess to be an expert. Anyway, sweet! I'll see what I can do...)
-“And harmonies!” Yep. We practiced that one a lot for our last joint careyoke.

Then Jon (finally spelled correctly) with “Oh boy.”
-“A modern classic. The grimace makes it.”
-Then there’s something that makes no sense to me: “New addition: ‘Dum dah dum-dum – OH BOY!’” Wha?
-I write: “I LOVE HIM.” But the “O” is shaped like a heart.

Then Dorotha and JJ with Rick Astley’s “Together forever.” Awesomely awesome choice, lovies! And there was a weird video with a bird-headed men. Seriously.

Then Greg and Ang with “Candle.” Classic.

JJ with “Give it away now.”
-I was very excited and wrote “Holy crap! Why have we never though of that before?! Great dancing!” and strangely “mic to the butt because it took a really long time to end then song” (did you do that for me?) apparently because there were “lots of ‘give it away nows’” at the end of the song.

Then the Growly Twins, Dorotha and Jeremy, with “Take me to the river.”
- Someone wrote something suggestive…
- I wrote something far less suggestive, sort of: “Growling is their fave.” Jeremy basically gave up on any semblance of singing and growled the whole thing. “Competitive growling.”
- “Now they’re out-popeying each other.” I think that’s Ang. Ask her.
- “Most disturbing performance EVER.” How many times has that been said now?

Next: Jess with “Bust a move.”
- “AWESOMELY AWESOME,” I write. Jeff seriously is a superstar.

Then me with “Sweet child o’ mine.” I got a standing O.

Then Ang with “Oh Mickey,” by one hit wonder Toni Basil. It rocked! I attempted cheerleading. Yikes! Don’t let me have so much to drink!

Jon again (yesssss!) with “Surrender” by Cheap Trick. I am so out of the know when it comes to Cheap Trick, except for “The flame.” Will you sing that next time, Jon? Then we can do more pervy slow-dancing in the audience…I will get to that soon…

Then Tiffany, Lisa and I sing “My lovin’ (never gonna get it).” From careyoke classics version 1.0. Where’s 2.0? Ask Jeremy. I’m waiting…

Then Joshie with “Runaround Sue.” He was really freakin’ good! Jon says something about that guy giving him a run for his money with the oldies. I’ll say! Though no one can replace you, Jon!

- Randomly, the notes say: “Jeremy says ‘Bestiality rocks.’”

Then Greg, Ang and Dorotha with that song from the School of Rock. Ang is so amazing! And there was some fantastic gecko-ing during that number!
- Lisa says that Dorotha does “dramatic robot” and “the best robot ever.” Though she’s no Soundwave or…that little cassette guy. See Dorotha’s blog for explanation. You know I don’t know how to link!

Then is JJ with “I love rock and roll.” Clever JJ sings “He looks about…34” instead of 17. Quick on her toes is that one!

Then Josh and I do “Video killed the radio star.”
- Someone (Dorotha, is that you? Sounds like you!) writes “Sap fest” and it’s circled about 20 million times. Wha? How could we possibly make that song sappy? The same person writes, however, “really awesome on both sides”

Then I heard some careyoke reminiscing…
- Lisa: “Remember when Jeremy was Earl?” So what does she do? She sings “Goodbye, Earl” of course! And Jeremy plays Earl again. Hilarity ensues…
- Earl explains to us what the FFA is and argues Earl’s innocence. Then he “dies.” Though he does and then is resurrected (Happy Easter!) so that for every new chorus he can die again. Seriously. You need to see this. It is crazy. I’ll try to describe…During one death sequence, he knocks over the stool on the stage, drops the microphone, and flails around so much that Lisa has to get off the stage.
- Ang adds: “Awesome convulsions!”
- Lisa then puts her foot on his stomach, indicating how she has conquered Earl. Well done!

Then Greg and Jeremy with “Brick.” There are complaints because that song is SO FRICKIN’ DEPRESSING!!!
- “Sweet hot Jesus,” says Jude about this being Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend’s song.
- Jude notes: “Jeremy is on a tear.” I don’t know what a tear is. Jude explains.

Then Jeremy (Jeesh! Again?!) and JJ with “Humpty dance.” A nice birthday treat for Jeremy.

Next: Dorotha, Jon, and me with “Livin’ on a prayer.” We had to reprise this one. I am constantly reminded of the last time we sang it because I have a pic of Dorotha and I, mid-performance, with awesomely awesome fist pumping action from D-mouse. (Does that sound pervy? It’s not supposed to.) I have great Venezuelan yellow and orange earrings on. Thanks, Gwennie!
- Jude writes: “Carey[oke] works the crowd. Much yelling. Everyone suffers hearing loss. Greg comes on to me in a way that’s far more disturbing than usual.”
- I guess Tara writes: “Awww…I thought it was sweet.”
- Jude responds: “For the record, Tara is drunk as a monkey.”

Ok…Tired. At least I gave you a little something to tide you over until I can do the rest.

Yes, I'm slacking

But I swears, I'll get to the stinkin' recap. I have it on my list of things to do for today. It's right after "Go flowergirl dress shopping with Ros and Ellen." Which is below "Pay insane deposit for florist" and "Call photographer about engagement portrait."

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Recap: Part Two

Getting right back into it...

Next Hannah and Dan, I believe, perform a # from Phantom of the Opera, “All I ask of you.” For a moment, we are all Sara Brightman and Michael Crawford.

Apparently, Jude has had a few more drinks by this point in the evening.

Next is JJ with “Never say never.” She dedicated it to Dorotha who “sits by the state because she needs attention and songs dedicated to her,” informs Tara.

Next were Pedro and Sean-cito with “And the thunder rolls.” Someone says: “It’s sad cuz it’s true.”

Then Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “Wicked game.” I thought, for a second, it was “Foolish games.” Thank God it wasn’t!

While blogging, I am watching Heathers. And I was paid in puke. So lick it up, baby. Lick it up.

Next were Sarah, Amy, and Kat with “She thinks my tractor’s sexy.” I was so frickin’ excited! Kenny Chesney! Others, Tara and Evan, for example, are not so convinced that it is awesome. However, records Tara: “Sarah and Amy both have tractors and [Dorotha] thinks they’re sexy.]

Then was a really, really intense guy who sang “So cold” and apparently was not a fan of college or people who attend/have attended it…making those of us with advanced degrees a little nervous…

Next Ang and I sang the first Careyoke Air Supply ever! “The one that you love.” Jeff gets all sorts of props for actually knowing how it goes. Thanks, Jeff!

Next, a Dorotha classic, requested by JJ: YODA! The notes say it best: “Awesomely awesome.”

Then was a nuclear engineer, Brad, who sang “Operator.”
T explains: “Video colors are extremely offensive for such a gentle song.” Indeed.

Next was this amazingly awesomely awesome older gentleman named John who sang “Folsom Prison Blues.”
T: “He looks like a math professor.”
Evan?: “Or a guy who actually spent some real time in Folsom Prison in the 1940s.”
Tara wants him to robot but Dorotha “insists we leave him alone.”
He was so daggone amazing, like he was channeling Johnny Cash or something. Seriously. You wish you were there. You know you do.

Next were Alan and Sarah M with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This song makes Dorotha sad, if I recall correctly…
Tara: “This song would be better sung in an Irish accent say by U2 or something.” Jeesh, give Deep Blue Something a break!

Next is Jeff with “Come on Eileen.” It was dedicated to Dorotha. I love that song! And the video because everyone is wearing overalls with no shirts on under them. Even the women! It was so strangely disturbing to me as a youngster watching MTV.

Apparently: “Evan and [Dorotha] confess their love for each other,” at least according to Evan they do. There are lots of hearts following this statement and the words, “Love you evan,” written below them. I believe that was Dorotha herself.

Next were Mary and Jeanette with “Hold on.” Oooh! Wilson Phillips! Love them! Evan, I think, records: “With the audience harmonizing, it was blissful.”

Next: JJ and Ang with “Love lift us up.” OMG! It was awesome! And they didn’t even practice. They don’t need practice. They are just that good.

Classic alert: Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s “Dark Lady.” We clap. It was awesomely awesome.

Después, Jeff y yo cantamos “Estoy Aquí.” Apparently, the notetakers were not impressed, but Jeff and I enjoyed ourselves. Shaki does that to people.

Tara: “Sorry I got all involved in a conversation and could do little more than record artist and song title.” Sure. That’s fine.

Next Angela and I with “Say, Say, Say.” She is Paul. I am Michael. I borrow Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s awesomely awesome red leather jacket. It really adds some pizzazz to an already pizzazz-y performance. Next time, “The doggone girl is mine.” Maybe.

Then Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “Do you sleep.” I am one of the few people who knows this Lisa Loeb song. Come on, people, there’s more to Lisa Loeb than the Reality Bites soundtrack! Though that rocks.

Things start getting pretty scribbledy in the notes here…

I end the Careyoke event with a little Babs, “The way we were.” It was crazily high. I sounded like a spazzball, but luckily most people were gone/too drunk to notice.

And that is it!

In case you were wondering…Joshie is going to be in town soon so we’ve been talking about arranging another night at the Kid…keep your eyes and ears open!

That is all.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Recap: Part One

I thought I'd give you a little something to tide you over until I can get the full recap up. Actually, it's more than half of the recap, but I just can't take anymore tonight. Our notetakers are just too prolific for me to be able to handle it in one evening...

Quite a crowd was at the Kid Wednesday night, though we were missing a regular. Jeremy was a no-show. I shed a tear, but did my best to perform at my peak level. I know that’s what he would have wanted.

Jude: “This time, there better not be any editing of any damned profanity.”
Who, me?

I sing “When doves cry.” Tara notes it’s for Jude and that “he isn’t even a dove!” Then she writes “scary Ai-Ai-Ai-Ai…” Apparently, someone else says, “’Will she ever get it right?’” Ouch!
Jude adds: “Night’s first, timid robot.” I object! The roboting was song-appropriate!
Tara: “Also first chicken-on-an-escalator. Jude insists ‘and likely last.’” Tara disagrees.

Next up is Dorotha with “Walkin’ after midnight.”
Tara: “Another robot + chicken on an escalator. [Dorotha] gropes Carey[oke] who looks longingly at her.” It’s that sexy walk of hers. I can’t help myself!

Next if Jessie J with “Brass in pocket.”
Tara notes that it was “an attempt to learn the words…excellent choreography.” Indeed!

Next was me with “Welcome to the jungle.”
Tara writes: “More crazy screaming.” Yes, I scared a lot of people. And Sandy asked me if I did such things while TA-ing. Not so much.
Jude: “It’s so disturbingly asexual during the moaning.”
T: “I just thought the ‘moaning’ was disturbing.”
Jeesh, what harsh critics!
Tara notes: “She thinks she might die now.” Yep. That actually hurt some.

You interpret this, I have no idea:
T: “Ang played powder-puff ‘where you yank the crap outta your butt’.”
Jude: “Say no more.”

Jude gets drink #2.

Rhymes-with-Scrabble was next with “New Orleans is sinking.” John (my new fave carey[oke] STAR!) attempted to capture the moment on someone’s phone…
Explains T: “Someone is audioblogging a[s] [Rhymes-with-Scrabble] sings and John holds up the phone so she can hear.”

Next up was Sarah with “I will survive.”
T: “’A disco classic for all time’ – Ang.”
“‘This would be my drag song’ – Greg.” Good choice.
“She robots on demand.”

T: “Discussion of whether chicken on escalator is really a pigeon or ‘bird of choice’ escalator.”

Jude gets drink #3.

By popular demand, JJ sings “I want to know what love is.”
Jude: “Don’t we all.”
T: “Yes, we all sway. Jude pulls out a lighter…and lights Greg on fire.”

Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s next with “Son of a preacher man.”
T: “The sneer is in effect, yo. To the Century, to tha A, to tha…” Yep.

Next JJ and I sing “On my own.” I’d been begging her to do this duet with me for months. We finally do it and they have a crapola version with no rockin’ out Patti at the end. All my practice goes to waste!
T: “Carey[oke] struggles on despite mic problems. Sam calls for harmonizing. They look confused.” Yeah, there actually isn’t any harmonizing in that song. And I can’t come up with some off the top of my head.

Next, by my choice, Ang and “Lovergirl.”
Jude: “A very difficult number.”
T: “Carey[oke] gets up and dances her way to the bar.” How could anyone else help themselves?
Jude: “Tara starts bitching for effect.”
T: “Yes.” And she gets another drink.

Next up: Greg and I with “Suddenly.” I had to practice that one.
Jude notes: “In the key of E flat from Xanadu. Sam say he can usually get a ‘happy ending’ at the Xanadu he knows! Holy [crap]!” I prefer crap, okay? And it’s my PG13 rated blog!

Next: John with “Oh boy.” Holy crap, it was awesome! His dancing was so great! And the humming at the end? That was awesomely awesome! Look at all the exclamation points!
JJ: “Most spastic performance EVAH!!”
Jude: “Evah?”

JJ next with “Chains of Love.” Erasure, finally! Dorotha has been saying someone should sing Erasure for forever! It was “a crowd favorite” with uber-awesomely awesome video. There was a couple wearing matching outfits – red button-down shirts and overalls. And they’d roll around on the ground with the words “love” and/or “hate” separating them or next to them or something. And sometimes there were chains. Which was a little creepy.

T: “Jude and John do shots.”
J: “Yeah? So? Mind yer own bidness!”

Next up was Chad with “New York, New York.” Quite rockin’. He says something about the Yankees. Jude does not respond pleasantly.

John and Dorotha: “Bad moon rising” It sure does sound like, “’there’s a bathroom on the right.’”

Next Rhymes-with-Scrabble, “which rhymes with ‘Yahtzee’” (Jude’s writing, but I believe props are due to Greg) with “Missionary man.” Solid performance. I believe Hot Tony dances. Rhymes-with-Scrabble looks hot in her red leather Michael Jackson beat-it jacket.

Next are Amy and Sean with “Islands in the stream.” We love Dolly and Kenny!
Jude: “Karaoke newbies! [something I can’t understand about Dolly Parton]...Much dancing – sweet!”

Some guy sings that “If you could read my mind song.” A little slow. Who in the heck sings that song? For her Redskinnettes tryouts, my old roommate had to do a routine to a dance remix of that song. Imagine that!

Someone sings a Hootie song.
Jude informs: “Jessie J says – and I quote – ‘L-A-M-E.’ Nothing more needs to be said.”
He refuses us the robot. People are not happy.

A classic is next: Ang and Greg with “Light my candle.” Does it get better every time or is it just me?
I think Sam writes: “Tara is moaning in blissful ecstasy because this is her favorite song/ Greg and Ang are exchanging meaningful glances during the breaks.”

Someone with a really daggone nice voice sings “Crazy.” She has a Nebraska shirt on. My dad’s from Nebraska! Husk! Husk! Husk!

Hot Tony sings a song with audience participation. While he’s trying to explain, Dorotha yells “Stop talking.” We laugh.
T: “Tony does some crazy combination of the robot and the pigeon on the escalator.” Awesomely awesome.

Jess and I are next with “Sweet love” by Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks.
T: “Fabulous harmonizing.” Thank you. I now I practiced. Kenny rocks. As does Stevie. And, of course, JJ!

Next Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “Desert rose.” I leave Jeremy a 2 and a half minute long message of it. We all join in on the yodeling. It was awesomely awesome!
And of course, everyone’s favorite “crazy spastic Sting robot!!!”

Amy and Sarah are next with “Something to talk about.”
T: “They rule the school.”

T: “Jude flips us off. Again.”

Next Ang and I sing “I knew you were waiting for me.”
T: “’What could be better than George Michael and Aretha?” – JJ. Well Carey[oke] and Ang obviously. Awesomely awesome indeed.”

Next is awesomely awesome Jeff with “Hey ya!”
We dance. And it was awesomely awesome. That guy’s got stage presence, I tell ya!

Next is Chad with “Should I stay or should I go.” He dedicates it to Angela because she loves the Clash and me because he always forgets my name (and I say things occasionally like, “Do you even know my name?!”)
I yell: “Best professorial robot!” Of the night at least. He and Jeremy should stage a professorial robot-off some time.
T: “Chad was coolest faculty member of the night.”

The robot-refuser sings again. I think the notes say he does the robot this time, though I don’t recall seeing it.

Sarah M. and Alan (I ask the spelling) sing “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” Love Peter, Paul & Mary (because that was the version, so don’t get all pissy about John Denver being the one who wrote it, etc.).

John the “new karaoke [don’t you mean ‘careyoke?’] MVP,” says Tara, sings “Paint it black.” Tara does not lie.

Angela (joined by Dorotha and me) sing “Total eclipse.” Awesomely awesome of course! I was scared with her head banging that Dorotha might knock out a couple of teeth on the microphone. But no. Nor did she hit me in the teeth with it when I would grab it for the “turn around” parts.

Stay tuned for more fun recap info!