Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things I learned yesterday

1. It is seriously not cool to make pregnant women have to hang around with full bladders (or, rather, get stuck in traffic with full bladders) in order to be able to get a good ultrasound. Not cool at all.

2. I have a large bladder. Or so said the ultrasound technician, who, when she saw how full my bladder, actually let me empty it halfway and then still commented, You have a really big bladder. Who knew? And then why do I have to pee so much all the time? No idea.

3. Things with baby look good! We will get the full results next week (which, of course, could still be wrong), but so far, so good.

4. I am having a giant baby, or, rather, a really long baby. None of you are surprised, I know. You have seen Joshie. He was a big ole baby himself - about 11 lbs (!) and really long. As a youngster, he appeared to be developmentally delayed b/c he was so big. People thought, why can't that kid who comes up to his mom's waist walk very well? And it was b/c he was one year old. Awesome. Anyway, doctors, etc., basically measure how long your baby is to tell you how far along in your pregnancy you are. Well, we know just about exactly (give or take a day) when we got pregnant, so we have a good idea how far along we are. We've just about completed 12 weeks. Yonder baby in the belly, however, measured twelve weeks and six days big yesterday. This has sort of been the story all along, though every time we get an ultrasound the difference between where we are in real weeks and how big the baby is measuring keeps growing. Where am I going to fit this thing in month nine?

P.S. Belly pictures coming soon-ish...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogging. Finally!

Ok. I think about blogging just about every day and yet I never do it. Sorry. I am just not as clever and funny as the rest of you. But maybe I will just keep you posted on the state or my waistline and the # of times I've puked or gagged in a day. How about that?

So...waistline expanding. The biggest, poogiest part is now 36 inches. I think that's bigger than before. That's what I said "now 36 inches." I refuse to even attempt to put on my used-to-be-a-little-too-tight jeans. I *love* my maternity jeans - although I'm not quite big enough for them yet so they kind of fall down. Why don't all pants contain a soft, stretchy panel to go over your tummy for when you eat to much/feel bloated/whatever?

So far, only had one gagging episode today. That's pretty good. Of course, I am just about at the end of the first trimester, so this is all supposed to be tapering off, but my little one seems to have one last hurrah of nausea/fatigue.

Also, that whole thing about pregnant women being emotional...yeah, that's happening to me. So far, I've cried at the Delilah radio show (though, I've come close pre-pregnancy), Junebug (but, spoiler alert: she loses her baby, so how is a pregnant person not supposed to cry at that?), Dirty Dancing (twice! when Baby tells her dad he disappointed her too AND at "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." (!)), a nice email in which the choreographer of our show (did I tell you Joshie talked me into being in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with him) said nice things about me, and many more.

Today I go for an ultrasound for a special test (nuchal fold) to see if the kid has Down's Syndrome. Here's hoping things are cool.

Next week: I finally get to dye my hair! The grey is killing me!