Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nothing all that exciting

Gwen begged me to post. So I am posting. It's not that I have some fabulous life that prevents me from posting. It's actually kind of boring. And I have nothing to say about karaoke (maybe...) which was supposed to be the whole point of this blog. But I'll see what I can do.

Joshie and I just got our wedding video. We've now watched both the ceremony and the reception. It's a little disturbing b/c I was SO CONVINCED that no one in the entire universe has ever had as much fun at a wedding as every single guest had at ours, but the video says something different. In fact, there are a lot of surly looking guests caught on film! Apparently, my bridal glow blinded me from the unhappy folks on our big day. What else should a bridal glow do, I guess? Also, Josh and I have now learned that his I'm-listening-interestedly-to-what-you're-saying face looks remarkably similar to a I'm-dying-of-boredom face. So now I know that he doesn't find my mom's stories painfully dull. At least not all of them.