Monday, May 22, 2006

The end of an era*

I am getting a little sniffly at the thought of moving out of my place in Philly. For now, the moving out is just up the street to a kind of schnazzy high rise place. But I'm going to miss my little neighborhood and all the great hipsters on South street and the daily (twice daily/thrice daily) tips to Whole Foods and the weirdo fortess of a building we are in. And all the maintenance guys. One of them just brought me coffee - in repayment for the coffee I provided last week during his coffee break. Sweet! In the building up the road, my window will be looking out from the 6th floor, not the 1st. There will be no one passing by my window daily to wave at or chat with or anything while sitting at my desk (ostensibly doing work). Sometimes I can't believe I ever felt lonely here. I now have all these relationships, mostly with semi-strangers, barely more than acquaintances, but they are my Philadelphia people.**

And most of all...this apartment is my first real place with Joshie. We haven't quite made it through an entire year of marriage (yet, God-willing, knocking on wood and all that good stuff), but it was actually the moving in here together (and the fitting of all of our stuff into a one-bedroom apartment) that felt like the real life change. And after a few struggles (mostly me spazzing over where to put all my stuff), it's just been so wonderfully nice. So, little apartment, this coffee's to you.

*That is, if you can consider a year to be an era.
**Though don't even get me started on how much I'm going to miss Dan the Trainer!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How patient am I? Count the pictures.

Hottie demographers. Or is that redundant?

Joshie and me in St. Michael's, MD

Passover with the fam-in-law

The boys (in Rachel's husband's new truck - his old one was stolen and actually crashed into someone's house!) on a night-before-Easter booze run