Thursday, September 23, 2004


So I know it's been a while, but I've had blogger's block. I actually have felt like I am running out of karaoke-related things to talk about. I mean I still occasionally (or rather, often) hear songs I think about singing at the next careyoke event, but other than that, I don't have so much to say. Thankfully, however, there was a rather impromptu, bacon-related mini-careyoke night on Tuesday.

For details relating to the bacon, see Jeremy's blog.

For details on careyoke, read on...

So, Jeremy, Dorotha (Louise) and I were heading out for bacon night at Wando's when we thought we'd check out what the Kid looks like when we're not there (and b/c the bacon wasn't available until later). Well, it turns out, when we're not at the Kid, nobody's at the Kid!

Anyway, we had talked about doing bacon-related songs, but it was hard coming up with any. I thought of doing "Footloose" (you know, Kevin Bacon and all), but then blanked on that idea as soon as I got my hands on the books. I had also remembered that "Earl" has the word "ham" in it, but it just doesn't feel right without LL. Plus, I was scared Jeremy would feel the need to play Earl again, and it scared me.

So, instead we decided it should be "experimental careyoke night." This was a time to do all those songs (well, the one or two of them) that we were always too scared to try. I immediately looked up "Informer" by Snow, and couldn't find it. Grrr! I swear they used to have it. Things were getting desperate. We were sitting in the Kid, just the 3 of us + the Kid staff, and somebody had to sing something!

So, finally, I put in "Jeremy" and "Crazy in love." "Jeremy" went quite well. The "hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo..." part was enjoyable and so was yelling like a crazy person. But my "Crazy in love" was hurtin'! Beyonce I am not. I have tried and failed to be her before (someone may remember an ill-fated attempt at "Bootylicious" - b/c I couldn't resist telling everyone that I didn't think they were "ready for this jelly"). Maybe "Survivor" is a fluke. I don't know. But I actually did a Better Jay-Z than Beyonce. And that's just not right.

(Whoops, just published the post by accident. Stupid control-s!)

I managed to make up for it though by singing Scandal's "Warrior" with Dorotha. That is a repeater! And great hand motions!

I stayed up on the stage for our Breakfast Club song with rain-related hand motions "Don't you forget about me." See Jeremy's blog for visuals.

Then, it was Jeremy's turn. He sang, "Wait," by Huffamouse? Wha? I don't know. And neither did Dorotha, who yelled at him that his performance was creepy. Jeremy then proceeded to sing the word "creepy" over and over again to the melody of the song. It seriously was creepy. I am surprised we didn't get kicked out then. They must have really been bored.

I was up next with "Wannabe." Jeremy joined me. He claimed to be Sporty. I said he was Ginger. We both sang like we were all five Spices.

I then sang "Your woman" by White Town. No one knew this song. Weird. I swear it was popular in 1997/8.

Dorotha then sang "Borderline." She was supposed to be waiting for Patrick to sing it, but how long's a girl supposed to wait, huh? It was a very nice performance. My fave parts were the hand movements and the Spanish: "Frontera...feels like I'm going to lose my cabeza!"

Then Dorrie and I went with a little rap tune you may have heard of: "Baby got back." I think she was disturbed at times by how well I knew it. And my dancing. Whatevs!

I finished up the night with another butt-related song: "The thong song." It was nice.

Written in the field notes is: "Why are we not carey[oke]? carey[oke] is a genius. The problem is we're Devo."

Then we went for the bacon...My fave part of the bacon night: Dorotha, posing as an undergrad, interviewed unsuspecting (actual!) undegrads about the bacon. Here is part of the transcript of interview results:
"Why bacon?"
"Why the f___ not?...First, it's hilarious...Second, it's salty."
So, there you have it. Hilarious AND salty.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Now! By popular demand! Kerry-oke recap!!!

First things first: I must give props to the person who had the "Kerry-oke" idea in the first place…Ms. Belle Reve of Magic Eraser fame! Thanks, Belle! You are the best.

So, the recap isn’t going to be the best this time. There were no fieldnotes, so I just have to work from memory. Furthermore, I was a little stressed as acting dj for the night that I think I missed a lot of good and/or crazy moments. Other guests will tell you that I was very dedicated to my job. I ran from many a conversation just in time to switch to the next song. So, basically, I am saying that this recap will be far from complete. Maybe the other party-goers can help fill in the gaping holes with interesting tidbits. Without further ado here are things as I recall…

I did “Celebration” to start things off. It kept trying to play itself time and time again after that. What was up with that?! It definitely wasn’t the dj’s fault.

At some point soon after that, Rhymes-with-Scrabble and I sang “Gypsies.” People liked our Cher. People always like any Cher that Rhymes-with-Scrabble is involved with.

Soon after that, Emily-who-sits (a non-sociologist) sang something…can’t remember what. But that girl is good! Even while sitting in a chair. And how often does one get to be in some sort of recline-o-matic while karaoke-ing?

Then, I think, Dorotha and Belle sang “Walkin’ after midnight.” A nice country tune.

We had a little more country from a non-sociologist, who sang “Crazy.” He was good, but a one-hit wonder.

Since there was no ABBA, Jessie J and LL graced us with a little Ace of Base. I heart “The Sign.”

Emily-who-sits and LL sang “Black velvet.” LL promises a reprise at the Kid some point.

I think Abby sang “Manic Monday.” I don’t know. I can’t remember.

At some point, I was signed up for “What a feeling.” How I love anything and everything from Flashdance! Thanks, ladies, for choosing that one for me!

LL continued her diva antics with “How will I know.” She said there were a lot more “ooohs” then she remembered. Whitney sure knows her ooh-ing.

Rhymes-with-Scrabble did a couple of her Reba regulars/soon-to-be Reba regulars: “Fancy” and “The night the lights went out in Georgia.” You’ll be hearing “Georgia” at the Kid really soon, I’m sure. Fantastically dramatic.

Mary braved the crowd of sociologists to sing “Born in the USA.” Strangely, we all discovered as we read the words, Reagan wanted this for a campaign song. Huh?

At some point JJ and LL sang “Physical.” Or, rather, JJ sang most of it, and LL joined in on the chorus. Turns out LL doesn’t really know her ONJ like she thought she did. It also turns out LL doesn’t know her Crystal Gayle too well either, as she sang back up for my “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue.”

A couple of the eraser ladies, Belle and Hazel, sang “Me and Bobby McGee.” A careyoke favorite. I sang along when I wasn’t busy cueing up the next song. We sat on the floor. I think my underwear was showing. Stupid low-cut jeans.

Oooh! JJ did one of my fave Carpenters songs (and a favorite moment from the movie Parents?) “Close to you.” Beautiful! I demand a repeat at the Kid.

I sang Nancy Sinatra’s hit “These boots are made for walking.” People liked. Handily enough, I was actually wearing boots. Gwen deemed it best Kerry-oke performance. Gwen is smart. I promise a reprise at the Kid. If I’m wearing boots next time.

At some point Emily-who-sits sang “Killing me softly,” the Roberta Flack version. I clapped too soon – before the song was over. Whoops.

JJ did a FANTABULOUS version of “The greatest love of all,” the song my class had to sing in grade school at every function in which there was every any singing. We DEMAND a reprise. Perhaps Gwen missed this, because it might have kicked “These boots” and my butt.

I closed out the night with “Hit me with your best shot.” It was all I could do to followed up JJ’s Whitney.

My fave moment: one of Mary’s friends complimented my Kerry-oke artistry. She complained about the Madison karaoke scene and said in NYC people do a better job of riling up the audience, etc. She said I’d do well in the NYC scene. Maybe her prediction will be put to the test next year…It looks like Joshie and I might end up in NYC. Good luck with your interview tomorrow, babycakes!

I am sure other songs happened too, but that’s all I got…anybody else?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Getting ready for Kerry-oke

I think all's in order for the Feingold/Kerry fundraiser tomorrow evening, or at least it is Kerry-oke-wise! But, really, Gwen and Mary have taken care of EVERYTHING - including "campaign donation legal-type paperwork" (Feingold Party Invite 2004). What responsible young ladies!

Speaking of Kerry-oke, I am actually not quite as ready as I say I am. Mr. Parsons Project never found (or at least never told me that he found) the microphones. But I don't think we'll have to sing into brushes (though that's fun too). I have asked to borrow mics from the dept and that seems to be all in order. Strangely enough, there isn't a lot of demand for either of the 2 karaoke machines the dept has in its possession. Weird.

But the machine has been tested. Numerous times. Most recently was this morning after Dorotha had her dry socket taken care of (moistened? Isn't dry socket just a myth anyway?). We actually sang (part of) "Sweet dreams (are made of this)" at 8:24 this morning. I kid you not. It's a great way to start the day.

PS: If you didn't know about the fundraiser party but would like to attend, send me an email and I'll give you the details.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Things started off a little strange at the Kid last night and just got stranger with a small but dedicated group of careyoke-ers with the highest per capita performances ever!

Dorotha, Mama Harried, and I arrived at the Kid at 8:20pm, only to find *not a single soul* from sociology there. Eventually LL, Jeremy, Rhymes-with-Scrabble, and Jessie J showed.

The Kid was pretty empty at the time. There was only one other table with people: Will and Ann. Journalism grad students, I think.

Mama Harried decided she wanted to pay for some of my songs, so she gave me $5. Later she tried to get Dorotha to give me more money – out of Dorotha’s wallet – for more singing. It was a struggle, but I did not accept it.

So, of course, since careyoke’s my name, I had to start off the singing with one of my promised tunes: “Blue bayou.” The field notes say I hit all the notes. Maybe. I know this one was downloaded by Jeremy in advance. We will have to see if I lived up to my own hype and it makes the next favorites cd.

During the gap while there is actually no one performing – and I was threatening to put another song in and have an all-careyoke night – Jeremy bought Dorotha and Mama Harried drinks. Mama Harried had a pina colada. Yum!

Nina arrived after “Blue bayou” very excited to sing with Mama Harried.

Rhymes-with-Scrabble then sang “Dark lady.” Most of us had no idea what this song was, but Mama Harried sang along. It turns out it was a Cher song about some sort of New Orleans gypsy voodoo stuff. I don’t know. But Rhymes-with-Scrabble and Cher both like gypsy songs. And it was the beginning of a very Cher evening. Turns out that Rhymes-with-Scrabble had all sorts of Cher plans, thanks to the Madison Public Library’s music collection!

Next was Will. He sang “50 ways to leave your lover.” No notes on him, but he was good. More on him to come…

My turn again with “Love is a battlefield.” I did it last careyoke night, but v. few careyoke-ers were left by the time I finally sang it. So I did it again. It was better this time because Dorotha and I re-enacted the video. Sort of. (See Jeremy’s blog for a picture – someday I’ll figure out how to do a link…maybe.) Well, at least she played my brother looking out the window for me and I pretended to be sitting in the back of the bus – I almost fell off the stool attempting to do that though. Dangerous stools! BTW, was that a new stool? I don’t remember it previously having a back to it. And speaking of new stuff: new lights hanging over the bar. Very sophistimicated the Kid is getting! Oh, and Mama Harried reprimanded Dorotha for dancing too vigorously. She did stand on a chair after all. What about your poor mouth?!

Rhymes-with-Scrabble was up again next with “My favorite game.” It is a Cardigans song. She danced fabulously.

Next came Mama Harried and Nina with the promised duet! They sang “Homeward bound.” It was wonderful! We wanted more!

LL and Jessie J then sang “Holiday,” a new Madonna selection for our group. With harmonies. Very nice. Lots of dancing. Lots of dancing in the video too.

It was Will’s turn again. He sang “Bye bye, love.” Jeremy made him incorporate Dorotha’s name into the lyrics. So he sang, “Bye bye, Dorotha.” He was very accommodating to our requests – which, of course, included some roboting. The field notes say, “Will is good.” They are not wrong.

I continued the Cher-a-thon with “If I could turn back time.” I don’t think I did justice to the full potential of the first line, “If I could turn back t-harrrmmm” – a la Just Jack from W&G. Maybe next time. But I did say something about having a tattoo on my butt. Which isn’t true. Get me on stage and I weave of web of lies! But the notes say, “Jeremy wishes that he had a naval outfit.” That would have really added something to the performance.

Now with more about New Orleans (“New Orleans is sinking”) is…you guessed it: Rhymes-with-Scrabble! It is by the Tragically Hip. In case you didn’t know. I didn’t know. I was thinking it was Cher again. Or maybe Reba. What do I know?

Jessie J followed up with a little “Proud Mary.” It was a bold move to take over someone else’s classic, but JJ really made the song her own. The lady’s got some pipes! And by the end of it people were saying, J-Mar? Who’s J-Mar? I kid you not.

Will is up again. (See what I am saying. Small crowd = ridiculous amount of singing per person = I love it!) He sang, “Who can it be now?” Fantastic choice! And yet again, Jeremy demands that he incorporate “Dorotha” into this song too. Will obliges.

Ann was up next. She sang, “You are the sunshine of my life.” It was the sweetest moment of the night. We all sang along. Good job, Ann!

Next a Rhymes-with-Scrabble favorite! “Desert Rose”! And it was about the best I’ve seen in some time. Jeremy told me he far prefers Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s version over Sting’s. He even said that he would *buy* Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s version of it if it were for sale. Very impressive, Rhymes-with-Scrabble!

In the kookiest performance on the night, we had LL singing “Goodbye Earl,” with Earl being played by Jeremy. As the notes say, “Goodbye Earl. Now! With dying!” It was scary. Anytime LL said anything about Earl having to die, Jeremy would groan and fall to the floor in a protracted death sequence. He did this at least twice. And the camera crew seemed to have some issues with capturing the moment, but I think they did manage a snap or two. Nonetheless, it was definitely a you-had-to-be-there-moment.

Next came Jessie J with “Dead or alive.” The video was great. So much stunning scenery from the American western landscape – in cartoon-ish form. I was the Richie to her Jon. Not sure I got my harmonies all right. But she didn’t kick me. I told her if I was really bad to kick me and I’d stop. So I wasn’t kick-worthy at least.

Next up: Will with “Spooky.” LL wants to dance. I am too shy. Rhymes-with-Scrabble asks Dorotha, “Is this a song about a goth?” Should be!

Next up: me with a careyoke fave (or at least I think it’ll be on the next cd), “Sweet child o’ mine.” The notes say, “Adored by all. Unanimous. Standing ovation.” The notes don’t lie.

Rhymes-with-Scrabble followed up with a new one: “Keep me hanging on.” Nice choice. Lots of dancing in chairs.

LL also went with a new No Doubt song: “Excuse me, Mr.” I didn’t know that song, but Jeremy was definitely impressed. Another lady with some pipes. The notes say, “strange Hillary Duff-esque video.”

Jessie J and I followed up with “More than words,” the emotional high point of the evening – except for when Jessie J was laughing at me (or was that during Dead or alive?). See Jeremy’s blog for a touching moment.

Next came Jeremy’s poll winning number: “Criminal.” He did have Mama Harried and me on stage with him. And he even tried not to sing, but I gave him a zinger of a look, and he stopped playing such games with me. He and Mama Harried were trying to put the microphones in my face so things got a little smushy on stage. The notes say “They rocked  especially Mama Harried.” They also say “All do the robot” and carey[oke’]s personal space was violated by Professor Freese.” Then they say “’inadvertently’” and “interestingly.” You be the judge.

Will was next with “Peaceful, easy feeling.” Was it you, Jessie J, who jinxed us by saying that nobody has ever done the Eagles?

Ann braved the stage and the sociologists again with “Your cheatin’ heart.”

Mama Harried and Nina followed up with “Downtown.” Because the dj was a little slow in starting the song, Nina adlibbed with “The March Dance from Our Socialist Past.” LL was very excited about having this written down in the fieldnotes. So excited that she spit all over me on the word “pppppast.” There was dancing. It was good.

I did “Me & Bobby McGee” again. I was gonna do Shakira in Spanish (“Estoy aqui”), but then Will asked if I did Janis Joplin. And being the crowd pleaser that I (like to think that I) am, I went with Janis instead of Shaki.

Continuing with the Cher theme, Rhymes-with-Scrabble performed one of the more offensively titled songs of the night, “Half-breed.” But the message was a good one. Poor Cher. So misunderstood. The notes say, “Awesome.” We all sang along. Or, at least we all yelled, “Half-breed” at the appropriate moments. I can imagine that was disturbing for people walking by the Kid last night.

Then “two girls in jackets” (one was Jenny, the birthday girl) sang “Safety dance,” which was actually spelled “Safty dance.” And dance we did.

Then the door guy and nose-ring guy did Devo’s “Whip it.” Nice choice.

Then LL’s big moment: “Cabaret”! Since Dorotha was not feeling so well and Mama Harried was not having it, I filled in for her role as the prostitute…I did my best to be Dorotha-esque. I’m quite sure I didn’t live up to her earlier performance, but I did do kicks. And who doesn’t like kicks?

Will followed with “Minnie the Moocher.” Nice scatting! And great for singing-along.

Jessie J then sang one of her classics: “The Humpty dance.” Jeremy was very excited about that one. There was lots of dancing.

Then we had a little Peter, Paul and Mary (or, rather, Jeremy, Will, and Nina – although Jeremy ran from the stage when Nina went up there. What was that about?) singing “Leaving on a jet plane,” the first song I ever learned to play on the guitar. It got a little crazy up there. Lots of verve! Very nicely done with beautiful harmonies.

Next came Ann, LL, Will, and me singing “Love shack.” I guess LL and I were sort of cheating on our own dept with that one, but what can you do?

Another Cher moment followed with Rhymes-with-Scrabble and me: Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves!!! I Cher-ed it up was much as possible on that one.

Jessie J followed up with her last and most powerful performance of the evening, a reprise of “You shook me all night long.” The notes say, “Further evidence of JJ’s general karaoke awesomeness,” and “standing ovation.”

Will followed with “You sexy thing.” We danced – someone danced “especially tawdry to this.” Who, me? Never! And “Will rocks.”

Rhymes-with-Scrabble did another one of her hits: “Fancy.” I can’t wait till she does some more Reba!

“Nina gets drinks for her and Lisa?!” I was jealous.

LL and I sang “Billie Jean,” the first Michael Jackson I recall from the sociologists. How could we have not thought of this earlier? The notes say, “Great!!!” – seriously, there are 3 exclamation points.

Then things get a little jumbled in the notes. The notes say “Where did this pen come from? Is it mine?” No, Jeremy, it’s Dorotha’s (I think). The bartender (first time I’ve ever seen her perform!) + nose ring guy singing “Basketcase.” Then Will and Ann sing “Come together” and do the “stoned robot.” We can’t hear Ann at all. Will is a little overzealous. LL thinks the mics are improved. I note that Will is wearing the free bus pass holder in his belt loop. Nice use of accessories. And Rhymes-with-Scrabble has never read my blog before!

Rhymes-with-Scrabble then sings “Like a prayer.” Wow! She actually literally got down on here knees in time with the music whenever the words were “I’m down on my knees.” That’s dedication to one’s karaoke craft.

During her performance I did an insane flip on the pen and Nina said: “Record that.” Done.

Next came some guy singing “Superman.” Yawnfest. So we left. I proceeded to drop the field notes at least 3 times on the way home. But luckily I did not destroy them.

Shout out to Dorotha + helpers for another fine set of field notes (that is, notes one takes in the field).

And I warn you again that next recap may not be so long. It’s just that the sociology careyoke-ers did so many songs that there was so much to say. Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to add your fave moments to the comments.

Monday, September 13, 2004

And the winner is...

Fiona Apple! By one vote over the Monkees!

Can't wait for the performance. Recap to come...

Poll closes at 6pm!

Or around 6pm. Whenever I check it around 6pm.

So get your votes it!

It's a close race with Like a virgin, Daydream believer, and Criminal running neck and neck. Your vote(s) could make the difference!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Poll || poll

This just in: "what song should Jeremy sing" was the winning selection in my poll that closed today at 12pm.

I am hoping the above shows up in addition to the poll...I don't really know what I'm doing, you see.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

For Christmas tree!

Dear Lord. What's to become of me now? I have a careyoke machine in my very own house. I was so excited that I immediately called Dorotha and sang "Crazy for you" to her. And now I am sitting here listening while it's playing - just the music and backup vocals. It's currently Cyndi Lauper: "True Colors." Strange. The words appear to be lighting up a little late for the music. Whatevs. I never need to leave my house again. I'll just order in all my food, toiletries, etc. It'll be great. I'll definitely have to order more karaoke cds though. The song selection is sort of weird. It seems a little country heavy. Keep that in mind for Kerry-oke. If I actually ever leave my house again. Like I said.

Now it's "Save the best for last" (Vanessa Williams). The delayed word thing seems not to be happening for this one. Phew!

BTW, thank you, Alan Parsons Project!

(As an aside: have you ever attempted to spell check your blog? What words does that stupid spell checker know about? It's vocabulary is more limited than a 2 year old monkey.)

Oooh! Now it's Whitney Houston: "I wanna dance with somebody"! Gotta go!

Kerry-oke is on!

The Alan Parsons Project is donating the machine for Kerry-oke, so we're on! Kerry-oke will be happening at the Kerry/Feingold fundraiser at G and M's place on Milwaukee St. on Friday, Septmeber 17th. It's also a potluck. So many ways to satisfy your cravings - political, gastrointestinal, musical, and more! More details to be posted soon.

What a week for carey/kara/Kerry-oke fans!

Friday, September 10, 2004


It's official: careyoke @ the Kid on Monday night!

Yep, that's right! The next careyoke event is Monday, September 13, at the Karaoke Kid at 8:15pm (or whenever they decide to let us in). And Mama Harried will be in attendance! Will you?

Songs I am threatening to perform:
"Blue Bayou" by Linda Ronstadt
"Estoy aqui" by Shakira (before she went blonde)
"Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi (with Jessie J: she'll be Jon, I'll be Richie Sambora)

Also, looking forward to T-dog's first ever solo performance! And, of course, the Cabaret reprise!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The word on the streets

There's talk of another careyoke night. The question is...will Dorotha's mom be in attendance? If we can get her to go, it sounds like Monday will be the night. But she sounded a little shy about it, so perhaps we can encourage her. I have no idea her taste in music - although Liza Minelli was mentioned. I only know about her hot rollers and penchant for keeping dead things in the freezer. At the very least, I am sure a reprise of LL's "Cabaret" (with Dorotha as her backup "dancer") would entice her. What else can we offer Mama Harried? How about all mom-related songs? Like Boyz || Men's "A song for Mama" (Mama...Your love is like tears from the stars [I swear that's an actual line!]) Or the Spice Girls' classic "Mama" song. Or LL Cool J's "Mama said knock you out." (Actually, I know the Kid doesn't have that b/c I was going to do it at some point. Sad.) Or instead we could go with songs like "Wind beneath my wings." I'm sure she wouldn't want to miss that.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


A fantastic idea was presented to Dorotha, LL, and me today. It was this:

Kerry-oke! A fund raiser for John Kerry!

Wowza! Great idea!

So I am trying to think of how we might accomplish this. I am thinking that the Kid isn't exactly the appropriate (or even feasible) setting for such an event. But my sources tell me that the Alan Parsons Project actually has a kerryoke machine. Now we have to think of a location and timing. We can't conflict with Super G's event next Friday night, of course. Perhaps the following weekend? (After that, I am in DE for sister wedding #1 and then we're getting a little close to the election.) As for location, I am willing to suggest my own abode, but it may be a little on the small side...Any other takers?

I look forward to trying to come up with election-themed songs such as P. Diddy (back when he was Puffy) and co.'s "It's all about the Benjamins" or maybe "Holding out for a hero," but definitely nothing like Beck's "Lost cause" or the Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want" - unless they are dedicated to W.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

You're my obsession

More evidence of the obsession: I was looking in my desk drawer today and found a list of songs that I had compiled with Jessie J. from about 8 months ago or so (and, notice, the blog has existed for only about 1 month.) While careyoke-ers have done some of them: such as the B52's, Styx, Hot Chocolate ("You sexy thing"), Extreme ("More than words"), the Knack ("My Sharona"), Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, and Belinda Carlisle (great choice, Rhymes-with-Scrabble!), I am rather amazed at how many good ones have been long forgotten in my desk. Groups like Duran Duran (I keep meaning to do a song by them but always forget), Ace of Base (a little "The Sign", anyone? although "All that she wants (is another baby)" might be more easily acted out onstage), Hall and Oates (oooh, "Private Eyes" would be good b/c we could do the claps and dress in trench coats, but Joshie is v. pro-"Maneater" - yes, he who sometimes scoffs at my obsession gets into it as well), the Cars (so many to choose from...), the Go-Go's (duh!), Tiffany (unless "I think I'm a clone now" counts), Corey Hart ("Sunglasses at night" duh again! Although I enjoy the uber-drama of "Never surrender" as well), Soul || Soul (oooh, "Back to [or should it be '||'?] life"), Air Supply (I've been threatening to do a song by them for ages), Culture Club (another total duh by us), INXS (oooh!), and, of course, Patrick "Nobody-puts-baby-in-a-corner" Swayze's hit "She's like the wind." And though not on the original list, that "You're my obsession" song by (I had to look this one up) Animotion would be fantastic too. So many references to butterflies would make for fantastic hand motions!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Getting a little worried

I think I'm obsessed. And not in a healthy way. Actually, I think that I am not alone in my obsession. The other night I had some friends over for margaritas and it basically turned into careyoke. Well, careyoke without the microphones, words, and videos, but much more dancing. So it was pretty close. Also, we didn't take turns letting just one (or a few) person(s) sing. We all performed all the time. Part of this was thanks to Jeremy for vol. 1 of careyoke favorites (and a little part of this was thanks to the margaritas and overwhelming amount of sugar consumed - delicious cake and cookies!), but we didn't stop there. Anything that went in the cd player was soon overpowered by our yell-singing and squealing laughter. I am sure my neighbors have now realized that I am, in fact, a 13-year-old in all ways but years on the planet.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

To practice or not to practice

While thinking about which songs should go on the next careyoke favorites volume, I realized that I have a rather scary number of songs that have been downloaded for careyoke purposes. However, I tend to buy most (I think all but one of my careyoke-related purchases) songs before they are performed - usually by me (alone or in a group) though I have made purchases for others - rather than after I hear them at the Kid. In fact, Rhymes-with-Scrabble has been the only one to inspire a purchase by me: "Gypsies, tramps, and thieves." (I love it!) So that brings me to the title of this post. Basically, you see, I buy songs so I can "practice" them. Sometimes this practice is more like I-need-to-hear-it-one-time-before-attempting-to-perform-it, but other times, I sit down with laptop on lap and downloaded lyrics and sing away - especially when I'm working on my "harmonies" - yes, I am too wimpy to declare them actual harmonies without scare quotes. Others seem to look down their noses at us practicers. Perhaps careyoke is supposed to be more spontaneous. I don't know. I think just as Jeremy talked about specialists vs. generalists in careyoke, there can also be spontaneists (?) and practicers or something like that. There certainly have been beautiful moments as a result of both at the Kid.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

To copy or not to copy

As Anonymous-L brought up in her comment to a previous post, another careyoke question I ponder is whether or not I am allowed to repeat a song that someone else has done before. In fact, early on in my careyoke career, Ms. L and I did sing "Total eclipse" all by ourselves one night (without group permission), and it just felt so wrong and dirty to me. Where was Ang? I thought I was just pretending to be something I wasn't. We didn't show the due respect for the experience of the song. Of course, I would never venture to sing "Total" by my lonesome - or without some sort of group consent - again. But that's a super special song, as readers of Jeremy's blog are well aware. But what about other songs that are less "classic"? I mean of course I can't sing "I've Never Been to Me." But are other songs that have been performed up for grabs? I guess I feel if someone has only done the song once I could probably do it myself some time. But still, I am actually a little icked by the whole copying thing. Unless...unless I, or someone, were to do the song as an homage to another performer. In fact, I've been wanting to do an homage to Rhymes-with-Scrabble for quite some time now and try my hand at one of her signature songs. I think I'd choose "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves," b/c there's no way I could handle "Ode to Billie Joe" or the yodeling-ish-ness in "Desert Rose." At least maybe if one does another's song they could give the original person props for discovering such a good one. So, I say not to copy, with a few caveats. What do you think?

BTW, bridal blog insider: it's exactly ONE YEAR until my wedding...Only 365 days left to plan! Happy pre-anniversary, Joshie!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Dress you up in my love

There has been talk of wigs and props and what not at careyoke, but no action. So, I propose that we come up with some theme for the next careyoke night and then all dress/sing accordingly. I keep voting for prep night. That would mean wearing pearls, turned up collars on your polo shirt, etc. and songs from 80s teen movies! Of course, I wouldn't expect anyone to completely stick to the song genre the entire night, but a few songs from it would be good. I am not sure my prep night idea is hugely popular though so I am all for taking suggestions. And then I'll brave another poll! So add your thoughts and start planning your outfits/song lists!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

To repeat or not to repeat

One question I often ask myself at each careyoke night is whether or not I can repeat a song that I've already done. Sometimes I think, that one got a good response, perhaps I should sing it again. I do indeed enjoy positive feedback. (Love me!) However, other times I think, I don't want to be boring or predictable or get stuck in a rut and defined by certain songs. I also like the challenge of coming up with more good songs to do. In fact, if I didn't have new songs to think about all the time, I might actually do something else - like work on my diss. And that would be crazy! But when will it end? Could we possibly do all the good songs that there are to do (at least on the Kid's list)? Will I be boring if I repeat past songs? Or are some performances worth repeating? How do I know which is the case? And when does a song become a "classic" that can be repeated (e.g., Total eclipse, Survivor)? Is it a classic if it's on Jeremy's "careyoke favorites v.1.0"? "Sister Christian" got on there and I only did it once. Should I do it again? "Sweet Child O'Mine" wasn't on there but I did that a couple of times - once b/c Jeremy signed us (me) up for it. Maybe that'll be on vol. 2...