Thursday, July 20, 2006


JJ and I were at the Add Health User's Conference the past couple of days at NIH. It was actually the most useful conference I have ever attended. I went to a couple of sessions about the data and how to use it correctly, and I actually learned some important stuff. Amazing!

In other good news, we only had to suffer through one serious manversation in which there was a "discussion" about whether or not Malthus was an economist (answer: I don't care). Also, the prime manversator basically told JJ her diss was undoable. How inspiring! But, he is wrong! You can do it, JJ!

Other attempts at "networking" weren't so much better. I don't know why people at these things aren't friendlier (though, I suppose, I really shouldn't be so surprised); however, through a Jeremy connection, we did the best networking of all: clothes, food, earrings, Container Store, movie-related networking. It was great! And she bought me a pre-presentation good luck coke! That's good stuff.

Speaking of our presentation, I think it went really well. I felt like I really knew my segmented assimilation-related stuff. And there was (at least) one guy in the audience who seemed to agree with what I was saying. He was very noddy. It was awesome. But it's particularly cool b/c these are my own actual ideas and this was the first time presenting this stuff to someone other that my diss committee. And just for people not to look at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears was a lovely thing. And JJ was fabu as my methods guru! So, it was a good experience. Who knew?

Now...oh yeah, my diss. And basically being in and out of town/moving until finally settling in DC in mid-September. Crazy days ahead.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm Jewish!

It's official. Passed the bet din (I was even called "articulate," which no one has *ever* called me before - and for good reason). Dunked naked in the mikvah (it was actually fun). Even got my certificate!

To celebrate, I got lunch with Josh and his mom, went to the dentist (Josh's dad), and now I'm watching the Jew-iest movie we own: Fiddler on the Roof. Love that Tevye dance!

I'm taking the entire day off even though this Add Health paper is killing me. Whatever. It may be a mess, but it's my day, and I'm taking it off!