Friday, October 31, 2008

Update: Milestones

the only way i can post is to do it one-handed so excuse the typing.

a long overdue update...

eli can FINALLY roll over and he sits up quite well too. this really means we have to be way more vigilant. case in point: first trip to an urgent care place when he dove out of his stroller when josh was trying to feed him. he was doing this in the stroller b/c we were out of town for my interview (more on that later). i called between talking to profs to discover that they were on their way to see a doc about eli's poor little head. ack! but he is totally fine. it was just a nasty bump on a table...and then a flop on the floor. poor kid! of course, he cried far less for actual pain then he does when we try to get him back to sleep in the middle of the night.

eli is doing grown-up poops (sort of). this is b/c he is now doing pretty well with solids. not a fan of bananas, but he does like pears and apples. and so far, no black poo - though i know i ate some soy while on my interview. we'll see what happens.

eli weighs about 24 lbs and is about 30 inches long. hopefully he still fits in his Eyeore costume! (pix to come)

my interview went reasonably well. i felt like everyone was very poker-faced about it all. i thought it was a really nice school, and the best thing was that everyone said that got along. i'd definitely go there if i got an offer...we shall see though. my job talk and class were not the best ever, but maybe i charmed them by spilling breastmilk all over the empty office where the let me pump. yes. seriously. i did just that. wouldn't you want me in your dept?

and, finally, i have officially scheduled my diss defense: dec 3 at 1pm. wish me luck in fixing stuff up beforehand.

now naptime for eli and worktime for me!

update: forgot to tell you about the awesome babbling. he totally says "mamamamamama." i love it!

Friday, October 03, 2008


I have a job interview. Holy, holy, holy crap. It involves a job talk AND teaching a section of intro to sociology. Some time in late October/early November. ACK!

This is good, of course, but ACK!

Also, I am trying to plan my diss defense for early December - and THAT ALONE was freaking me out with all the stuff I have to do. Ack ack ack ack...ACK!