Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy (C)han(n)uk(k)ah!*

So Hanukkah starts tonight. My first as a Jew. I heard one of the many versions of the Adam Sandler song this morning and it certainly felt more meaningful than ever before. So what am I doing for the first night? Well, it's Josh's office holiday party - to which I am not invited! Instead, I am going to a movie with the "movie club" folks (started by bro-in-law Mickey). It was my turn to choose the movie. I went with "For Your Consideration," which is actually semi-appropriate for the day (you know, the movie within a movie is "Home for Purim"). Then we are going out for the traditional fare of...Mexican food. Whatever. Being a Jew in this country is kind of tricky! (I guess being a Jew in any country is tricky.) I will light that first candle super late, but I will light it with pride as a Jew for the first time!

*I can never decide on one spelling, so I think that covers about all of them.