Sunday, October 31, 2004

Recap. Finally!

So, I am supposed to be writing the recap now, according to my schedule, but all I want to do is search for my casual china. I’ve decided to go white. Thanks, in part, to Nina’s beautiful dishes at the blogger potluck last night. Plus, it will help Joshie and I reconcile our conflict over mugs. He likes funny/silly mugs. I don’t. I like pretty/cool mugs. But at least just about every mug in the world will “match” with white dishes. Stupid, I know. But these are the things one thinks about when trying to decide what goes on the registry (under pressure from the in-laws-to-be because of the upcoming engagement party) that will then fill an apartment that doesn’t exist in a city we only barely found out we’re going to be living in.

So, this recap may be a bit hazy and a bit boring. I’ve waited so long I can’t remember all that much. And the notes are a little hard to read in places – though Dorotha has promised to help me out.

So, here goes the recap from October 20…

The evening started off with “Dark Lady” from Rhymes-with-Scrabble. There was awesome audience clapping. I believe this song led me to demand a reprise of “Half-breed.”

Dorotha and I followed up with a bacon-night fave “The Warrior.” There were “great hand motions and ‘shooting robots.’”

Rhymes-with-Scrabble followed up with “Leader of the Pack.” The spoken parts were underappreciated, according to the notes.

Jeremy and Dorotha followed with “Take me to the river,” and lots of weird noises. Sometime during this performance the bartender lit an entire pack of matches (still in the match book) and lit her cigarette. The notes say, “Bartender is an arsonist.”

Jessie J followed with “Do you really want to hurt me?” Finally! Someone remembered Culture Club! (Or maybe, again, after a long time, but whatevs.)

I did “These boots were made for walking next.” Ok?

Then Rhymes-with-Scrabble sang another one of her hits, “Ode of Billy Joe.”

Then, Back-in-careyoke-action Andrea and I followed with “Careless whisper.” That is when I went down into the audience and sang to Ric Rac Attack herself. And the video was awesome.

Then was some song “The happening” by Erin. She was the warbly voiced one, right? Good voice, but a little much at times.

Then, Jessie J followed with “Superstar.” Awesome Carpenters! Dedicated to the birthday girl, Gwen. The notes say, “One of the more underrated songs of the last half century” and “Stellar Jessie J performance.” Indeed.

Dorotha followed with her classic, “Tainted love.” Rockin’!

Then Mary, Abby, Jessie J, and I sang “867-5309/Gwenny” for the birthday girl. The notes say “Inspired!” Thanks!

Then came “Desert rose” by Rhymes-with-Scrabble. Jeremy was both filming and holding up his cell phone during the performance. Not sure what he plans to do will all that footage…According to the notes, “performance made even better by red leather jacket.” It’s true. That jacket was awesomely awesome! The notes also refer to Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s dancing. Also crazily awesomely awesome.

Andrea follows with “It’s too late.” Begins Carole King sing-off. Sort of.

Then Mel and E sing “I believe in a thing called love.” The notes say, “Sound like good witches.” Huh? Mel did the Robot. E refused. Argh.

Greg says, “Chicks dig guys who yell out, ‘Do the robot!’” I know I do.

Jessie J and I follow with “One night in Bangkok.” Although we did not have the verses down so well, the notes still say, “They pretty much f---ing rule!!!!” Yes. There are 4 exclamation points. Jeremy was very excited by my chess-playing robot, especially the part where I did the hitting-the-clock-thing. The notes say something about being appreciated greatly and going over the head of everyone else or something. True, no one enjoyed that like Jeremy. The notes also say, “People in back cower in intimidation. Plainly they would leave if only Jessie did the ‘Humpty Dance.’”

Abby follows with “Spirit in the sky.” The notes: “’Awesome! God rocks!’” Rhymes-with-Scrabble is finally healed.” Ok…

Carole King #2: Dorotha and I sing “I feel the earth move.” Apparently, no one was that excited by it.

The weirdest number of the night came from Jeremy, Mary, Jessie J, and Evan (sort of) when someone signed up Jeremy for “Whole lot of love.” Jeremy did not know the song too well but made up for it by doing the Gecko and the Manversation. He did, however, refuse to do the Lisa-Lisa Breadmaker. I can understand that.

Greg (Yay! Greg was there!) sang “Your song” to Dorotha, wearing awesome shades. Classic.

Rhymes-with-Scrabble and I followed with “Gypsies, tramps, and thieves.” The notes say, “Like an all-star duet, if only Jessie J were involved somehow.” Some unnamed note taker has a careyoke-crush on Jessie J!

Next were non-careyokers with “Maxwell’s silver hammer.” It was good.

Then came Jessie J’s fantabulous “Greatest love of all.” I told you it was good from Kerry-oke night! However, the notes have an arrow pointing to JJ’s name saying, “the most underappreciated karaoke artist of the last half century.” Underappreciated? I don’t know, JJ. I thought I had made it clear what a superstar you are. But maybe I should give you more props because you sure do rock, sister!

Andrea follows with “Wouldn’t it be loverly” from My Fair Lady. I was inspired to sign up for a Broadway song because of this performance.

Rhymes-with-Scrabble and Greg sing “Don’t you love me.” Jessie J and I are jealous. They did good Brit accents and switched male/female parts. Trixie.

The notes say “GREG – Best sociology karaoke male (admittedly, weak competition ever since Tom stopped coming).” But still. The man is awesome.

Jeremy writes, “I would pay several thousand dollars to produce Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s first album if I owned all rights to it. Or got 10 copies.”

Next: Mel and E with “One way of another.” The notes bust on E’s voice. Dorotha thinks she should wear braces even though she doesn’t need them. Just a look.

Next up, Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “Beat it.” We had to sign her up for that with that red leather jacket. Rhymes-with-Scrabble adds a glove during her performance for more Michael Jackson awesomeness. The video was awesome as well. Though doll-less.

I followed with “Jeremy” for Jeremy. And Gwen. She likes Pearl Jam. The notes say, “I would pay $15 to go see a careyoke concert…” but then they run off the side and I can’t read them. $15! That’s it!

Next some boring performance by a non-careyoker.

The notes point out that the dj knows Jeremy’s name. Jeremy explains that it is because of the tipping.

Rhymes-with-Scrabble: “You don’t own me.”

Dorotha, Jeremy, Greg, and I sign “Tomorrow.” Or rather we scream it.

Greg and Rhymes-with-Scrabble sing “You’re the one that I want.”

Other people sing “Build me up buttercup.”

Group sing of “Humpty Dance.” Jeremy was signed up for this one since he bragged how he could do it. Evan joined him and was very rapper-esque in his hand motions and whatevs. Has he been practicing?

Next we have “Do you sleep” (a Lisa Loeb song) by Rhymes-with-Scrabble, “Take on me” by Jessie J (nice choice!), A song from Mel, “Girls just wanna have fun” by Rhymes-with-Scrabble.

There was no “Total eclipse” all night. Weird.

I believe next up was “Arthur’s theme” by Jessie J. A hilarious choice.

By this point, most people were about dying to go. But Rhymes-with-Scrabble was unstoppable. After “Car wash” by Mel and E, she sang “My heart will go on” (OMG) and “half breed.” Then we stumbled home.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Kid is all right

Tomorrow!!! Be at the Kid at 8:15 for some rockin' careyoke goodness.

I have a special guest co-blogger here with me today, Jessie J! We are discussing what to sing tomorrow evening.

I have demanded a reprise from her of "The greatest love of all." She is talking about doing some Carpenter's too! OMG!!!

I am thinking I will reprise my "These boots..." But I'll need to wear boots then. Hmmm.

Dorotha and I are definitely reprising "Warrior," which was a big hit on bacon night! Another bacon night song I'm thinking of doing is "Jeremy." Dedicated to Jeremy of course!

Other thoughts include:
David Bowie
Duran Duran (when will we ever remember this one?!)
"We didn't start the fire" - we think Jeremy should do that one!!! What about you?
Beach Boys
"One night in Bangkok"!!! JJ and I call that one!!!!
"Fascination" by Human League

We're also working on a birthday song for Gwen. I am taking suggestions by email.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Do ya miss me?

So I have been out of it lately. Not inspired to blog about careyoke. Turns out one really can run out of karaoke-related things to talk about. Who knew? Plus I am at the fam's and popsie's computer connection was having issues. They have now been resolved. Yay! But no more blogging for a few days since I'm off for Philly tomorrow to hang with Josh. Alone. Wow. We will be rabbi hunting and checking out our photographer. We'll see how that goes.

But I will actually talk about careyoke a bit here. You see my fam - extended and otherwise (I got to see a bunch of them at my sister Rachel's wedding festivities this past weekend) - seems to find it uber-comical that I have a blog. About karaoke. I'm not sure which is funnier, the blog or the careyoke. My cousin Mark liked to say occasionally, You're a blogger. Yes. I guess I am. But then when he and I were in the car listening to careyoke vol 1.0, he was totally rockin' out and telling me about he used to listen to "We built this city" on his tape player with his sister when they were younger and they'd dance and sing to it. Rock! And he even sang along with me in the car. I suspect we have a closet careyoke kook on our hands here!

But otherwise, it turns out that DE is not very careyoke-inspirational. But I will do my best to bring more careyoke into my life. You see, along with the other wedding stuff, Josh and I will start our hunt for a careyoke place for the post-rehearsal-dinner partying. That's on the list of things to do right between find a rabbi and buy a dress.

Oh, and just so you know, careyoke is in the works for next week perhaps??? I'll let you know. If you are still out there.