Thursday, May 21, 2009


I got an offer!!!


I had an interview at a nearby liberal arts college yesterday for a one-year visiting asst. prof. position. And all I can say is: PLEASE give it to me! It seems like a really nice place. The other profs were really cool. The pay is fantastic (relatively-speaking, of course). There is on-site child care. It is exactly the kind of job (I think) I want - except that it's not tenure-track (I actually applied for a tt position there and didn't get it...a little I guess they think that they may like me enough for a year but not enough for forever). Please cross your fingers, say your prayers, work your voodoo magic for me.

I mean, who wouldn't want this little face bopping around their campus, right?

Monday, May 18, 2009


Eli pooped in the bathtub (and on the way out of the bathtub/on the towel) tonight. I kept imagining that was coming eventually, but after 13 months, I was sort of hoping we had escaped it.

In other news, I did the graduation thing this past weekend...I am Dr. F in every form possible. Of course, hearing all of the incredible things the other soc grads did/jobs they got made me feel very depressed about the whole thing. At least I am nice, fun, and good at karaoke, I guess.

Monday, May 11, 2009

For Mother's Day, I got...

"mom" hair.

I had a really cute haircut before this, but it required that I actually take the time to blowdry it in order for it to look cute. I do not have the time. So, I went with something WAY easier, and, although it's maybe not as cute as the previous 'do, I think it's not bad. Eli kept grabbing my head for the first day after I got it cut. It was very cute.

Also, look at him GO...

and GO on his musical walker thingy!!!

I am excited and very nervous that actual walking may be happening relatively soon.

Friday, May 08, 2009


Eli has been a little "fragile" after our trip to Florida. He had a rough time with being sick, having his naps messed up, being left with a babysitter, etc. He had been almost hibernating during the day time to make up for his lack of sleep. He's also totally regressed gym-babysitting-wise. Of the four days that we have gone this week, he has gotten us kicked out three of them. The awesome babysitter on Tuesday apparently held him and sang to him the whole 45 minutes I was working out or I am sure I would have been paged then about a screaming baby as well. I am sure our pending trip to Madison for graduation will not help future gym trips. At least I can blame my chub on Eli!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I have another interview. I mostly feel like "How am I going to mess this one up?" We shall see...