Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UPDATE: Biggest blowout yet

Eli, with Froggy, pre-poo (looking badassedly very Turtle-from-Entourage or Sopranos-ish):

OMG. Seriously. It got on EVERYTHING - including me and my clothes. I just had to give him a bath. I couldn't get his outfit off him without spreading poo everywhere - all over his back, arms, legs, etc. Thankfully, none of it was black though!

Eli, looking somewhat sheepish, post-poo:

Update: Dear Lord, there was a second blowout of seriously large magnitude. I managed to save the mat he was lying on (unlike the kick and play chair earlier) b/c I jumped up and grabbed him the second the 42 minutes of farting began. I gave him a sponge bath this time b/c it wasn't quite so bad. Here he is in his third outfit today thinking, Who, me? The only consistent part of today's outfits: the orange socks, which managed to survive all the poo unscathed. Also, he has been wearing a hoodie in every one. We like hoodies, okay?

Monday, September 15, 2008

I have been ignoring you. I am sorry.

Things have been completely nutty since our move. First, of course, was the move itself. Then was the breast infection. And, as an aside, let me say that I am going to try my darndest to avoid antibiotic use while breastfeeding from here on out b/c I totally think it dried me up. But now that I am done with the antibiotic, it is as if my body is overcompensating and I am a fountain of milk. Literally. All day long. Night time is worst/best (depending on your p.o.v.).

Along with all of this and various visitors/travels of our own, Eli is having a health issue again. He had more blood in his poo. This is complicated by the fact that the old ped hasn't sent us his records yet (even though I requested them over a month ago! - I was told they are going out in the mail today...we shall see) and we have been kind of insurance-less for a week or so (though we could get COBRA, it just costs $1300, so it's probably cheaper just to pay for the ped visit rather than get it). Anyway, we have another appt today (and the insurance is in effect now). It's a blood test to check for anemia. I've only noticed blood in the poo twice on Wed, but they want to make sure it hasn't been happening more often leading to anemia. And now we have an appt with a GI specialist in a couple of weeks as well. So far, I don't think they know what the deal is. The last ped said it was intestinal bleeding. This doc doesn't think that's the case b/c the blood is black. It's more indicative of an ulcer, but he's on Prevacid for reflux, so that should be preventing ulcers. Lovely! So, hopefully we figure it out soon/there is no more black poo ever again.

In other news, he still can't roll over, but he is officially teething. He is Mr. Crabby Patty about the whole thing, so it's hard to tell if he's sad about black poo or tooth owies. I think it's the tooth, actually. (The bib is for teething-induced drooling and chewing.)

Off to the doctor...but first, here's us in front of our new place!

Friday, September 05, 2008


Things that have made moving and settling in way more difficult:

1. Having a baby
2. Getting another breast infection. Poor lefty!

Things that make moving and settling in a lot easier:

1. Wonderful friends
2. Incredible family members

Someday, when I have all these boxes out of the way, I'd like to show you a picture of our new place. It is great. We love the neighborhood, and, so far, Delaware feels like a little piece of heaven. Everyone is SO nice, helpful, friendly. I don't remember being struck by this as a child, but after our years of city living (and less than a week living here), Josh and I are convinced that Delawareans are particularly awesome folks.

Also, I have found incredible tomato pie, which is Philly-style cheeseless pizza, only way better. So take that, dairy and soy allergies!