Friday, April 22, 2005


How did you celebrate 4-20? We celebrated it with screaming, singing, dancing, and booze. How 'bout you? Well, I can guess about Jon, who sadly decided that careyoke was not the proper way to celebrate his favorite holiday of the year. But for those of us who did, we had a pretty wacky night. There was a little too much drinking for some. Also, there was boob-grabbing. Not that I mind... And here's what our note-takers had to say and what I can remember:

Dorotha and I started it off with “Lady” (the Kenny Rogers version). It was dedicated to Jude. Because we love the way he says “Lady” all the time. Get it? We actually thought of a whole bunch of lady-related songs. There’s “Lady” by Styx. “Lay lady lay” by Dylan. “Luck be a lady.” “She’s a lady” (Tom Jones). “The lady is a tramp.” “Hey ladies” (Beastie Boys). Etc. But, we just went with Kenny’s “Lady.” Jude apparently enjoyed it. Either that randomly we instilled serious ire in him directed at Josh because the notes say that he said, “F*** that Josh guy.” Ok. The notes also say, “Carey[oke] pleads for Jude to believe in their [Dorotha’s and my] song. Jude refuses. How can he reject those pleading faces?” Hell if I know!

There is then a long pause. No one else had a song in yet. Whatever! Apparently “Ang is preparing. She asks Jeremy if it’s duet night.” Apparently, it wasn’t. But we should try that some time. Next week?

So, I can’t let there be a lull in the singing, so I put in “Sister Christian.” It was *not* dedicated to Jude. Jeremy wondered if I were going to sing “Blue bayou.” I have not been so brave since that one time. Anyway, apparently the table that T-dog was at had already run out of song slips! Crazy! “It will be a long night. Wooo!!!!,” she notes. She was right! Also, “night’s first robot.”

Tara then writes: “Lisa pleads with Jude to sing for her. He refuses. It’s not in his repertoire.” Apparently. Though he should sing me something before I leave. Don’t you think?

Next up, Jess with “(They long to be) Close to you.” She dedicated it to me! She does an awesome Karen Carpenter. Tara writes: “Brilliant hand gestures.” There are so many gesture-inspiring words in that song like “birds,” “angels,” “sprinkle,” “moondust,” “hair,” “gold,” “eyes,” etc.

Next, Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “6 Underground.” Tara writes, “A good song that no one else seems to know.” Not at first, but then I was like, Of course! That song! Lovely performance!

Then Ang with “Invincible” by my request. Such an awesome song! Such an awesome singer! Jude apparently said, “Wooooo!” and “F***ing amazing!”

Then me with “The Warrior.” I enjoy the wailing I get to do in that one. Tara: “Some woman in the audience heckles her. Carey[oke] asks who she is. No answer. [Though I thought she said, “I don’t know.” That’s why I said…] Carey[oke] says, ‘You don’t know who you are?’ She responds, “I know who I am. I want to know who you are.’ Carey[oke] responds by breaking into a stirring rendition of The Warrior. She is Careyoke.” Later, I found out the woman’s name was Emily. However, she kept signing up as Roxy. She said she knew me. I am pretty daggone sure it’s because we’ve both been to the Kid a few too many times.

Another request by me: JJ with “Proud Mary.” Tara: “Carrying on tradition of Jerry M. Keeping him alive in WI.” I have to say that JJ does an awesomely awesome Ike and Tina!

Then Jeff with “Roses.” T: “Lisa is horrified and covers her ears. Carey dances away – it’s about roses and poop!” Did you know I liked poop stories? Well, now you do. And it’s the second song I can think of that has my name in it! My real name!

Tara: “Evan was trapped under something heavy all week, like Principal Skinner in that one episode of the Simpson’s. But no one called 911. He recovered enough to show up tonight. That’s dedication.” When I said that the only explanation for Evan not emailing me Wednesday was that he was trapped under something heavy, I was actually more thinking of When Harry Met Sally. But what a common a theme it is!

Referring to Jeff’s performance, Tara adds: “That lady who heckled Carey[oke] just called to Jeff, ‘Hey, white boy, that was great!’” She was right. Jeff is frickin’ amazing at careyoke!

Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s next with “Black velvet.” T: “V. sultry and longing.” Rhymes-with-Scrabble’s got sultry and longing down!

Next: Jeremy and Dorotha (the infamous Growly Twins!) with “Take me to the river.” Jude writes: “Yet again. Oh holy Jesus.” Yes, it’s one of their classics. Duh, Jude!
T: “The growl song – if we were to write that, I think the KK staff would know which song it was – especially if Jeremy were involved.”
J: “Well, Christ. I hope they would.”
T: “Jeremy’s growling more subdued until realizes short version of song and growling opportunity will not present itself so Jeremy and [Dorotha] stop singing and just growl.”

Next: Roxy-Emily with “I can’t make you love me.” That song makes me cry. Apparently, “her friend stood her up for a boy,” writes T.
Jeremy: “Karaoke guy mentions Rule Two.” Is it due to the blogging or us yelling about Rule Two at the Kid?

T: “They are taking the books away.”

Then Ang with “Burning down the house.” Dorotha joins her. T: “Crowd pleaser – even Jude sings along. [Dorotha] growls at the beginning of each verse and through the break!” She can’t get enough of the growling!

Next: Chelssya with “Landslide.” T: “She robots on demand.”
Jude: “Woo! Fleetwood Mac and such.” However, she actually did the Dixie Chicks version. Sorry to have to school you.

Jude: “Tara goes to the bar to get even more loaded. Rejoicing ensues.”

Then Jessie J and me with “More than words.” Jude: “Everyone who ever wanted to get laid AND who was in high school from 1990-1993 cheers.”
Jeremy corrects the years with “1989-1992.” And: “One of the most underappreciated karaoke songs ever.”

Next: Greg with “Because I got high.” It was awesomely awesome, you see, because it was 4/20. The notes say he dedicated it to Jude, but I dedicated it to Dorotha. And Jon. T: “Props to Greg,” and “The lyrics are mysteriously missing but Greg sings on valiantly.” Because Greg’s that way.

Then: Dorotha with “I feel the earth move.” Chelssya joins her. A fantastic combo!

Jeremy: “Apparently there is no alcohol in these drinks because I’ve had 4 and would have no ethical qualms against performing eye surgery.” Yikes.
T: “And with your hand-eye coordination I’d like to suggest Jude as your first patient.”
That’s love for you.

Then Lisa with “Sin wagon.” Yay! I tried to get her to sing it last time but she got all shy. Whatever! T: “Much excitement and rejoicing.”
Jude: “Woo! Praisin’ Jesus and shootin’!!!”
T: “No Pope here. Everyone is chanting for Lisa’s trashy breadmaker. [I started the chants. I am proud of myself.] She finally does to much delight.” Yeah, she does!

Next is Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “Half breed.”
Jude: “Naturally. It’s the [Rhymes-with-Scrabble] set.” Which, to my glee, means a lot of Cher!
T points out that the song is about “Bigotry…Yay!!”
Jude: “Woo!”
This might be a lesson to include in SOC 134.

Next: Jenna with “I will survive.” T: “A Teddy classic.”
Jude: “Woo!” Indeed!

Then Angela with “Conga.” Why have we ignored Gloria Crapstefan until now?! Sometimes I just don’t know about us!
Jude: “Woo! [Lots of woo’s tonight!] Gloria Estefan! Woo! 80’s! Greg dances – Carey[oke] dances – Becky dances! Woo! Carey[oke] shakes some Latina ass!” Or I pretend to.

Next me with “Bette Davis Eyes.” I seem to think I sound just like Kim Carnes doing that song.
T writes: “For Jeremy, [Dorotha], JJ, Ang, Evan, Matt [the Bartender], Matt [the DJ], and a little bit for Jenna. And probably someone I missed.” I am sure I didn’t forget Shelly!
Jude: “Yeah. No sh*t lushy.”

Next: JJ with “Morning Train (9 to 5).” Yesssss! I’ve been trying to get her to sing that for forever! Sheena Easton is SO awesomely awesome. And JJ doing Sheena Easton (in a non-pervy way!) is EVEN MORE awesomely awesome!
Jude: “What a kick-ass karaoke song!” Yep.

Jude and Tara are in some sort of fight involving death, gods, and hair fondling. I don’t know.

Next: Jeremy and Dorotha with “Swingin’.” I have never heard this song before in my life, but apparently it is about me. Or at least it’s dedicated to me. And they include my name in it. First and last. And there is also some growling.
Ang proclaims: “Sounds like Forrest Gump.” I don’t recall him being much of a singer, but what do I know?

Then some guys does “Faith.” We get him to dedicate it to Teddy. I mean, if you’re going to steal her song, you at least have to dedicate it to her. Especially the night before she gets married!
Ang thinks this guy is cute, Tara tells us. But other people are cuter.

Then Roxy-Emily with “Trouble.” That’s all it says. I have nothing to add. Can’t really remember it.

Next is Jeff with “Eat it,” selected by Lisa, a big Weird Al fan. JJ joins him.
It was awesomely awesome!

Then Chelssya with “Crazy.”
Jude says it best with: “Woo! As always, Chelssya does a great Patsy Cline!”

Then Jeremy, Greg, Rhymes-with-Scrabble, Dorotha, and JJ with “Africa.” Love it!

T: “Jeremy steals Jude’s shirt because I poked him.”
Jeremy: “Jeremy gets punked in public.”

Then Dave with “Born to run.” Ok, it was awesomely awesome. Tara writes that he “should be wearing a Members Only jacket.” That may be true. But he was really awesomely awesome!
Jude: “Not a bad Springsteen impression to begin with.”
Tara: “He is asked to robot. Instead, he does some crazy movement with his arms.”
Which was also awesomely awesome. It was like a crazy v-armed version of an almost robot. I loved it.

Next Lisa and me with “Survivor.” It had been a while and seemed to be time for some Beyonce.
Jude: “Woo! These broads [thank you] is survivors [and again].”
T: “Indeed” and “Jeremy joins for [his fave part] ‘Not going to diss you on the internet.’” Cuz his momma taught him better than that.

Next Jenna with “Safety dance.”
Tara writes: “’That dance wasn’t as safe as people made it sound.’” I have no idea who said that, but whoever you are, I love you!
T also: “She is joined by dances.”
Jude: “All of whom are crippled in accidents. The irony. Oh, sweet God, the irony.”

Then Teddy with “Papa don’t preach.” JJ joins her.
T: “And then robot. As good sociologists do.”
Jude: “Which is the [awesomely] awesomest f***’in robot this side of Omicron Persei [?] VIII.” No idea. I am a dork, but apparently Jude wins the dork-off with that one. For now at least…

Ang: “Mamma mia”! Yay! I *love* it!
Jude: “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ABBA!!! Yay!”

Then some guys with “If I had a million $.”

Rhymes-with-Scrabble with a new one for her: “St. Theresa.” No one seems to know it but me. It’s by Joan Osbourne of “what if God was one of us” fame. And Rhymes-with-Scrabble always rocks!

Next Roxy-Emily and Ernie with “She’s always a woman to me.” Dedicate to Teddy, I am sure. Sweet!

And then the Crash Test Dummies. Ok.

Then Charles and other economist whose name I can’t remember with “Fortunate son.”
Jude: “Sung without irony – because there, in fact, is no god.”
T: “But I am impressed by the raspiness of that one guy’s voice.” It was impressive indeed!
J: “It’s only because he shouted himself hoarse screaming about how free markets will rescue humanity. Shame on you, Tara Becker.”

Next is Jeff with “Going the Distance.” People love Jeff! What a performer! Who doesn’t love Jeff?! I love Jeff. You love Jeff. “Jude crazily loves Jeff.” “Dorotha seriously loves Jeff.” “Roxy-Emily really loves Jeff.” “Teddy loves Jeff – though not the same way that she loves Ernie.” Ditto for Ernie. “Michelle loves Jeff.” “Angela f***ing loves Jeff.” “Becky loves Jeff.” “Lisa loves Jeff.” “Greg loves Jeff.” “Jeremy loves Jeff.” “Tara loves Jeff.” “Evan loves Jeff in a serious way.” “JJ loves Jeff.” “Chelssya loves Jeff.” “Liz loves Jeff.” “Rhymes-with-Scrabble loves Jeff.” “Jenna loves Jeff.”
I am threatened by the notetakers about my editing. I am not afraid. I just think I tell a better story.

Then Lisa by my request: “Cabaret!” Dorotha has long disappeared so there will be no reprise of past performances. Sad. However, Michelle steps in and really wows the crowd!
T: “Lisa should be wearing more eyeliner for this song.”
Jude: “But of course.”
Dudes, I helped with the eyeliner. I think she had enough. Lovely smokey eyes.

Then Chelssya with “Fell in love with a boy.”
Jude: “How inappropriate.”
But she does a mean Joss Stone!

Then JJ and me with “Afternoon delight.”
Tara: “I miss Jeremy discussing ‘3pm copulation.’”
Jude: “Sick, sad, and [awesomely] awesome, as always!”
Thanks! Just what we were going for!

Rhymes-with-Scrabble next with “Desert rose.” Yodel-fest!

Jenna then with “Straight up!” Yeah! Paula Abdul classic!
Jude: “Yeah, yeah. 1989 Paula Abdul songs that still suck [in an awesomely awesome way] 16 years later.”
Tara: “Ahhh, but fun to sing regardless.”
Jude: “Carey[oke] and Lisa do some kick-ass dancing that they will deny to their children in 15 years.” I will *never* deny my dancing! – except that which I’ve done in a doorway or with a poll. Which I’ve never done.

Next Angela with “Toy Soldiers.” Yeeeee!!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!
Both Matt and Bartender and Shelly have their lighters out. They rock!

Then economic woman sings “We belong.” Also loved it! Awesomely awesome song. We act as the children’s choir in the background.

Then Charles and Economist Pal (with raspy voice) with “Thank God I’m a country boy.” I preferred “Fortunate son.”
Tara: “I learned this song in elementary school. Jude is not amused by their mocking.”

Then Chelssya: “Stoney end.” Don’t know the song, but Jude says: “Goddamn, she kicks ass! New mothers can do karaoke? I submit that there are not many.” Maybe Matt the Bartender, Matt the DJ, or Shelly know better.

Then JJ with “Goody two shoes.” Oooh! Adam Ant! I wish we had more time to prepare with crazy face makeup stripes and weird military jacket.
Jude: “Of course, she kicks ass.”
Tara: “She always does. Naturally.”

Teddy and Ernie reprise “Proud Mary.”
Tara: “Ernie is [awesomely] awesome. Chelssya and Michelle dance.” We all dance. Or wish we did, but were really tired.

Then Rhymes-with-Scrabble with more Cher! “Dark lady.” With clapping. Props (again) to Matt the Bartender for teaching us that back in the day.

Then, I had to do it: “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”
T: “Awesomely awesome. So f***ing awesome.” Thank you!

Jeff’s next with “Baby got back.”
T: “So freakin’ awesome. Jeff gets more audience participation than anyone.”
It’s true. The guy is a magnetic performer. I admit I was shaking it.

Then JJ, Greg, Rhymes-with-Scrabble, and Tara (!!! – I know she was practicing for her big solo number to send me on my way to Philly!) with “White Wedding.” A lovely number to wish Ernie and Teddy all the best!

Then Tim and Charles with “Friends in low places.”
T: “Cheers!”

Then Jenna with a little Mariah: “Vision of love.” You go, girl!

Then Teddy and friends with “Living on a prayer.” A careyoke classic!

Then Lauren with “Free fallin’.” My fave song in…8th grade? 9th grade? I can’t remember, but I loved it and the woman in spandex who was a bad skater in the video.

Then, by my request again, Rhymes-with-Scrabble with “I think we’re alone now.” Love that Tiffany! Love Rhymes-with-Scrabble!

Then, I managed not to fall asleep and, instead, I sang “Don’t cry out loud.” People apparently are moved by the lyrics. But it’s kind of gibberish-y in the notes.

Michelle adds: “I am totally freaked out because a man spoke to me.”
T: “She’s in a bubble! She just didn’t realize it was transparent.”
Michelle: “Ideally I am in a bubble, yes.”
Those crazy ladies!

And then as we leave, Tim sings El DeBarge (!): “Rhythm of the night.” If I weren’t about to fall asleep, I would have loved to dance to that, but alas…bed time.

And, all you doubters, looky here! I did it! Recapped!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

We've been found out!

Apparently the Kid Krew knows all about my little blog! - thanks to Google and Jeremy's blog. So I figured it was time to put some names to faces and we met Matt the Bartender, Matt the DJ, and Shelly last night. Like a dumbass, I said, "My name's Carey[oke]." They were like, Uh, yeah, we know. It's not like poor Matt the DJ isn't calling it out constantly whenever we're there.

So, in case Matt the Bartender, Matt the DJ, Shelly, or any other staff members take another peek, I just wanted to give them a HUGE shout-out for being so awesome and putting up with our ridiculousness about once a month. We don't know what we'd do without you!

And...I'll work on the recap some tonight in the midst of catching up on Alias, multitasker that I am.