Monday, March 31, 2008

More pictorial evidence of my gigantorism

It was a friend's birthday party this weekend so pictures were taken. And cake was had - awesome Coldstone Creamery chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake!!! Any cups in my hand are filled with my second favorite mocktail of choice (after Shirley Temples): cranberry + Sprite.

Here's me deep in conversation (not about being pregnant for once, I swear!):

Here's me with awesome Bon-Bon during a brief break from complaining about being pregnant:

I am a troll. Touch my belly for good luck:

Now get this kid out of me!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I am about to explode.

So I had a fancy ultrasound last week where they estimated the size of the baby to be 8 lbs 7 oz. That was at 36 weeks and 3 days. At this point, babies gain about .5 lbs a week. So at 40 weeks, that would put this monster at over 10 lbs. Of course, that could be wrong, etc, etc., but my belly itself is measuring overdue (by 4 weeks!) already.

Also, the kid seems nowhere near ready to come on down... So, my doc says he's worried about the size of the kid (vs. the size of me) and it's looking like a c-section is a real possibility - though doc says he'll do what we want and we have a 2nd opinion doc to go to on Thurs. But basically, I FEEL huge. I know this kid is big. I see other people who are farther along than me and smaller all the time. I have been asked if I'm having twins. I am gigantor. All of my internal organs are smooshed. I don't know how my body can deal with much more of this.

Nonetheless, nothing's really going to be happening until after April 4 (unless nature says otherwise), but I am so on the downward slope here, kind of having a heart attack about the fact that I am having a baby, and just barely trudging along with the diss. How do women do this all the time?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

EIGHT months down...

One to go! Okay, one month and one day, but still! I can't fricking believe it!

Here are a couple of pics from a few weeks ago (I am even bigger now!). The lovely sisters threw Josh and me a baby shower. They made up play one game: who can empty the baby bottle first? It was a competition between me and the two other preggies in attendance. They kicked my ass. Actually, the one who won was being bottle-fed by Josh's dad (whom she had just met) at the time. It was kind of insane. My dad is there documenting that ridiculousness on his camera. Anyway, I had no idea it took that kind of skill to drink from a bottle. The other preggies already have kids, so I guess they know something about the physics of the whole thing that just escaped me.

And here is one of the awesomely awesome-est gifts ever: a Bucky Badger onesie! Thanks to the lovely sisters - especially Rachel who went the extra mile to find it for us!

And a shout-out is due to Gwennie also for the awesome little jacket I am wearing! Thanks for keeping a huge pregnant lady looking stylish!

Update: For some unknown reason, I initially titled this "Two months down..." Um, no. That's 8 months down. My brain is just totally not working. How am I supposed to get anywhere with my diss when I have...MOMNESIA!

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's official. I now waddle.

In other news, we discovered that the baby flipped! Yay! So that maybe means no c-section for the moment. We also learned he is seriously gigantic (my belly is measuring 7.5 weeks ahead of where I am!) --- including his junk. Oh Lord.

We had our labor and delivery class this weekend. It was sort of scary but kind of empowering at the same time. Most disturbing to me, however, was the realization that I apparently am the most high-maintenance pregnant woman of all time. The class was from 9am to 6pm --- with an hour break for lunch, lots of pee breaks, and occasional floor sitting/lounging for the breathing exercises --- but I was still so uncomfortable. First, I am definitely the only person to get up and take advantage of every single pee break. Second, my legs were swelling, so I'd sit on the floor for a while or put my legs up on another chair, but no one else ever changed their positions at all. And most of them had their legs crossed. I can't even cross my fricking legs, let alone sit like that all day long! What is with these people? And what is wrong with me? And, no, it's not b/c I was bigger or due sooner or anything. I am just problematic pregnant lady.