Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Following in Daddy's footsteps (with picture added)

Eli just had his 15 month appointment, and the stats are in:

He weighs in at 28 1/2 lbs (between the 90th and 95th percentile).
He is 34 1/2 inches tall (way off the charts).

I was getting a little worried about the amount of cheese/crackers/etc. he's been eating (as in, this kid has been putting away A LOT of cheese), but apparently, he is slightly slim for his height...sounds like someone else I know...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Peanut, peanut butter, and Eli!

Warning: I just re-read this and realized it is a ridiculously long story, so no need to read the whole thing (though I refuse to delete it). The gist: Though I was scared to give Eli peanut butter, his Pop-pop gave him some one day without me knowing. Now he likes peanut butter. Look how cute he is eating it (or playing with cups in the middle of eating peanut butter):

Full story: I had been deathly afraid of feeding Eli peanut butter. He had some food issues early on, as you may recall (or food issues via breastmilk), so I've been kind of worried as he's moved on to solid foods generally. But peanut allergies seem, to me, to be at this whole other scary level. I feel like every new parent is told to BEWARE of peanuts. So even though there is really no reason to expect Eli to have peanut issues (neither Josh nor I have them), I was still WAY nervous.

But Eli isn't a huge fan of a lot of protein sources (he eats LOTS of cheese, which results in really gross poops), so I really wanted to explore our option. I had the idea that I'd eventually give him peanut butter some weekday when Josh was home from work (so he could call 911/the pediatrician while I soothed Eli) and the car was gassed up and ready for a run to the emergency room.

Enter the grandparents...or, more specifically, Pop-pop: So we were at the outlets with the grandparents, and Pop-pop took Eli into Harry and David...Later we were eating lunch and I brought up how I was scared to give Eli peanut butter, and Pop-pop said, "Oh. I just gave him a sample of some kind of peanut-buttery something or other at Harry and David. I figured if it's out there for the whole world to consume, there can't be anything wrong with it." Of course. Anyway, Eli didn't die. He didn't have any allergic reaction whatsoever.

So now I thought, yay, new protein source. But then, Eli didn't like it. Argh. So I tried and tried again, and finally, yesterday, he ate (and seemingly enjoyed) peanut butter. I feel like he's a real little kid now! So here he is, happy after having eaten his peanut butter. And how the heck did I make this the longest story in the world?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eli hearts sweeping

Eli has many obsessions. One of them is brooms/swiffers/anything that sweeps. I've spent the last few months sweeping up our porch - particularly from the hours of 5am to 7am (ugh, kid, sleep later!). And it actually sometimes seems like he says something along the lines of "boom, boom, boom" to mean "broom." 9Though I don't think that's his first word. His first word was either "Dada" or "la, la, la, la, la" to mean "light," another MAJOR obsession of his - the kid can spot a light/lamp/what have you from a mile away.) Today, however, was something new. Today we took the broom for a walk. This is how it worked: in one of Eli's hands was my hand and in the other was a broom (which I was holding on to at the top). We took about the longest walk he's ever done. And, to go with the sweeping theme, a street sweeper was driving through our neighborhood at the same time. So much sweeping! Eli was in heaven.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eli walks

I tried to upload this video, but it took FOREVER! So, just go to youtube. Unless I can figure out how to embed a youtube video here in the next 30 seconds...

Did I do it?


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

First steps!

And, no, we have no photographic or video evidence (I actually haven't taken any pictures in a shamefully long tmie). You'll just have to take our word for it.

You know what feels a little ironic(al)?

Looking for articles on parenting/parent-child relationships while your kid is screaming his head off with the (perfectly wonderful) babysitter.

Also, I may make this blog private now that I have a real job. Or I may just hardly ever blog. Or both.