Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Minor heart attack

Baby books generally advise that you do a "kick count" daily - or twice daily to make sure all is well with the baby. This involves sitting there for an hour and counting the babies kicks. Basically, if the baby kicks 10 times in an hour, you are in the clear (and can stop counting). I haven't been doing this. My doctor didn't say to do it, and generally, I feel like my kid has patterns of kicking that I know reasonably well and if those were to change, then I'd worry.

Well, those changed. He seemed pretty still last night. It was sort of weirding me out, but I figured I'd wait and seen. Then, this morning, I felt nothing. He seems to like to wake me up at 5-ish, but I felt two faint little flutters and nothing more. So, I got up and went to the gym, as always. He's usually still then - or I can't tell b/c I'm bouncing around some. I went back to my apt to stretch and still nothing. At this point, I told Josh and started crying. We talked about calling the doctor. I got in the shower - where sometimes he seems to like to be-bop around. Still nothing. I made the bed, lotioned every inch of my body b/c it's all stretched out and dry and itchy, etc. Nothing. Then, finally, while drying my hair (and singing to him b/c I think he likes that) I finally felt him 10+ times in a row. Thank the Lord! I can't believe my baby decided to sleep through the night now. He better never do that again! Until, of course, after he is born. Then I am all for that.

So, yes, I am a paranoid pregnant person. But the thought of something going wrong after all of this was just too much to handle. I gotta tell you, this whole pregnancy thing really isn't fun - at least not to me. I will spare you all the nasty details, but something wonderful better come out of me at the end of this!