Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finally updating my blog

Ok. I am lazy. I didn't want to both with my blog b/c the last time I tried to log in, it was complicated. Turns out, it wasn't all that complicated. So maybe I'm back. Though...I wouldn't count on it.

Anyway, last time I tried to post, I was going to make fun of Joshie. He called Paula Abdul "a good singer." Feel free to poke fun at him the next time you see him.

Now I want to tell you my latest careyoke adventure...There's this bar in DC called Wonderland that has Kostume Karaoke on Sunday nights. What, you ask, might that be? Well, it's karaoke, you see, but with costumes. You can wear your own or put on something from their collection of wigs, hats, capes, props, etc. And you MUST be wearing some sort of costume to perform. So, this was awesomely awesome to me.

I dressed '80s, since it was the easiest thing to do and we had just returned from a trip out of town. I started the night with "Fame." I sang a bazillion songs - especially early in the night before the crowd got large. I think I impressed/scared people with my "Welcome to the jungle."

Joshie and I also wowed the crowd with the best (or second best) karaoke song ever "Total eclipse." People fell in love with Joshie when he did "Rainbow connection" in a wizard hat (straight out of Rushmore - you know that part when Dirk and co. are throwing rocks at Max when he goes back to the school and the kids are all in costume? That kind of hat.)

A friend of ours did an AWESOMELY AWESOME performance of "Fight for your right to party." Seriously. It was amazing. That woman really sells it. Why have the Sconnies not thought of that before? Or did I miss it? She also did "Vogue" and with her vigorous voguing tripped over the microphone cord sending the mic flying. But it worked with the song! That, my friends, takes talent.

And my crowning achievement...I FINALLY got to do Kelly Clarkson "Since you've been gone"! Awesomely awesome! There were a bunch of women in the audience who were screaming it out as well, making it harder for people to hear that I can't really hit all those notes. Thanks, ladies! But I will tell you that my fave moment of the night was when some guy tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I know this is weird but...I want to buy your cd. Seriously." Get in line, baby!